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A large percentage of global Internet traffic is videos. Hundreds of millions of people have smartphones capable of capturing high-quality video, but a majority of these people don’t know how to edit their video into something another person would actually want to see. VidMob wants to connect these consumers with editors who can give their video that extra push to make it more appealing.

Imagine a consumer who has multitude of videos of her dog. With VidMob, the consumer can upload her dog videos, select an editor, and work with that editor to combine the videos into one video to share on Facebook or Twitter.

VidMob also allows consumers to open up their project to multiple contributors. After a wedding, the bride and groom can ask all of their friends to upload any pictures and videos taken from the wedding to VidMob. The couple can then work with a VidMob editor to see their wedding from their guests’ perspective.

There are endless uses for VidMob from a consumer’s standpoint, but VidMob is great for editors as well. Too many editors working in independent film need to have a “day job” to support their passion, but through VidMob, editors will be able to take on as many editing jobs as they can handle, while setting their own price.

VidMob represents new opportunities for editors and consumers, with both sides benefitting.

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