Not Like the Rest: Building a Community of Success

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At VidMob, we talk a lot about why we believe in our editors. We believe in them because we believe in the power of people, the power of human creativity, and the power of community. Our editors are not workhorses. They’re not another peg in the wheel. They are our visionaries. They are our Mob! And we want nothing more than for each and every one to succeed—just as much as we want our users to get amazing video each and every time they create a project with VidMob.

That’s why we created our platform. Because, in a world where algorithms and cheap labor tend to win out over quality art and skill, it’s time that someone finally said, “enough, already.” It’s time that finding great work became just as easy for video editors as it is for people to shoot those raw video clips on their phones or GoPros in the first place. It’s time that we create, share, edit, and experience video in a way that benefits all parties involved.

So, here are just some of the ways that we built VidMob to stand out amongst all those “others” out there:

Community: We hope to be more than just a marketplace. We want to see people working together to make amazing things happen with video. That’s why we offer our collaboration feature to our app users—so that everyone can get in on an inspiring project—as well as the ability for satisfied project creators to boast and brag about the editors they loved working with (see MobFeed below).

Non-Traditional Bidding System: While we call it a “bid,” it’s perhaps best to think about our bidding system the same way you would as when buying a house—it’s more of an offer. Like buying a home, we don’t allow our editors to see the bid prices for a particular project. We hope that this will discourage editors from undercutting one another, so that they can feel comfortable charging what their time is worth and still get great jobs. We do, however, allow our editors to see how many bids a project receives, so that they can make a more educated decision on which projects to bid on.

The MobFeed: We built the MobFeed to help foster community interaction. It allows our app users to see what other types of projects get made with VidMob, while at the same time featuring the creative, hard work of our editors. In the MobFeed, app users can favorite editors based on projects they really enjoyed, in order to work with them in the future.

Algorithms for Editors: We use algorithms to bolster our editors, not to replace them. Our algorithms work to optimize the job search and reward our most hard-working editors. So, for those who don’t have enough active jobs? We optimize those editors to appear first in a project creators’ selection of bids. For those who consistently get good ratings, meet deadlines, and reply to app users in a timely manner? They too will get more facetime with project creators.

Building Your Editor Brand: At the expense of sounding like a broken record, we want our editors to succeed! So much so that we’ve specifically built our platform to encourage editors to build their brand with VidMob: tell friends and family on social media, work with your project creators to promote yourself on the MobFeed, and expand your portfolio and skills by working on new and exciting genres of products available only through VidMob.

And we do all this because, at the core, VidMob is a community. A community that works together to strike the balance between giving users a fast, more affordable way to get great video, while at the same time allowing freelance editors to make more money on their own terms. So while we may seem like just another video editing marketplace, we hope you’ll see we’re much, much more.  

What the New iPhone Means for Video

Here’s the lowdown (in case you hadn’t heard): just a few weeks ago, Apple launched their latest version of the ever-famous, always-evolving iPhone. The most exciting new features of the iPhone 6s? Five words: Live Photos and 4K Video.

Live Photos are cute, little expansions of a photo memory that enliven the captured moment (further proof that video is becoming the way we preserve our lives—because life isn’t static, afterall!). And while the tech here isn’t nearly as impressive as the new quality of the 4K video, it’s still a fun, hidden bonus feature that adds a special dynamism to the memory.

And then of course, there’s 4K video. Cue collective sigh of relief. Now, the ease with which we capture stunning photos is also available for our videos. So catching those elusively wonderful moments in sharp, vivid resolution (aka doing them justice!) from the convenience of your phone? No longer just a dream.

With video capture on the rise, it only seems natural that Apple would beef up their latest and greatest iPhone with these video-focused perks. Which—like everyone and their mother—we also can’t wait to get our hands on (can you blame us?).

As a video editing marketplace, it goes without saying that we’re psyched about the phone’s new features. Because it can only mean one thing: that people not only want to watch more video but that they also want to capture more video. And for us, the more video that gets captured the more jobs can get created for our editors!

So, here’s to the iPhone 6s and all the amazing video and photos you’ll take with it. Here’s to a crisper shot of your kid riding a bike, a more vibrant video of your dog splashing in the lake, or a clearer memory of that epic road trip up the 101. And as for turning those clips and pics into a well-polished, professional video memory that will last a lifetime? Well, we’ve got you covered.

VidMob, making your iPhone 6s videos. Better.

We Want The Real Thing

When it comes to the magic of storytelling, the real thing is always best.

A little while back our founder wrote a blog post on where VidMob thinks the magic of storytelling lies. Like Magisto’s CEO and co-founder, Oren Boiman, we agree that the art of video storytelling rests largely in the skill, aesthetic, and tact behind an editor. To quote Boiman, “The emotion is in the editing. […] In order to get a very strong emotional response you need to sync the audio, the soundtrack, the pace, the cuts—everything together.”

But anyone who has ever watched good video knows that it’s about a lot more than synching. It’s about recognizing—and highlighting—the joy in the face of a child. It’s about telling a story with no words. And most of all, it’s about creating something unique; because the 100th time you see E.T. just isn’t the same as the first. And algorithms? Well, unique creativity isn’t exactly their bag. So, why would someone choose a cookie-cutter algorithm to tell their story when they could work with the real thing instead? Does. Not. Compute.

Don’t get us wrong, we recognize that technology is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

It has made the way we tell stories more complex, creative, and inventive than ever before. It has allowed what were once regionally or culturally defining stories to become part of our shared, global histories. And it has given anyone with access to the internet a chance to participate in conversation with the world at large. But the beating heart behind of all this magic, awe, and wonder that technology has allowed us—and has given our storytelling capabilities—it is still the storyteller herself.

The storyteller is and always will be the master of this craft. Because storytelling is an innate, unique characteristic to us and only us. It is we who must teach a computer to storytell. And even then the computer’s story is a mere copy of our instruction. Original, mindful works of art don’t come from a machine—they need the mysterious, human mind to create them.

So why not make the best of both technology and human storytelling?

Let’s use technology, yet again, to spur human creativity and production, not pit it against our talent and imagination. Let’s use it to match those with video editing skills to those who need video edited. Let’s allow those creative masterminds to work from anywhere in the world. Let’s give video content creators a more dynamic and artful way of creating and telling their stories. Let’s do it all online! And let’s make it so easy that the process itself, like the art form, feels like a beautiful mystery.

Because people are not a problem to be solved. They are the artists, the visionaries, the emotionally creative masterminds. They are what make good video great.