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First, we had a crazy idea to match video content creators with freelance video editors—all directly from a phone. Then, we launched our company to the press and began recruiting editors for our platform. And now, we’ve officially launched our app to the App Store* where you, dear reader, can find it, download it, and begin to create your very first VidMob project (and give an awesome editor a great project to work on!).

So while we’re really excited about the fact that this past year of hard work is finally ready for its big reveal, we’re even more excited about what will get created as a result. Namely, a community where creatives (and the not-so-creatives!) can get together, collaborate, and create some amazing videos. Better videos. Videos you’d be excited to watch on your newsfeeds and videos you’d be proud to share with your friends and family. Videos that can help bring your small business into a new era and videos that will help you to connect better with your own communities. Because, as an app user, the world is as much your oyster in terms of what you can create with VidMob as it is for our editors to gain a unique range of experience and exposure. Because if you can capture it on video, you can create it (and edit it!) with VidMob.

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At VidMob, we care so deeply about what we’ve built and who we’ve built it for. And we’re listening to our users and our editors for how we can make our platform the best it can possibly be. As we move forward on the next chapter of this exciting milestone, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions for helping us to raise the bar. To make us better. Because we can’t do it without you!

So here’s to launch. To going live. And to anxiously awaiting what the future will bring. To download the app today, click here or search “VidMob” in the App Store*. (And don’t forget to tell your friends!)

It’s your video. Better.


*Currently in North America only. Other iOS and all Android users, we’ll be coming for you shortly! Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “We’re Live: The Moment You’ve Been Waiting for!”

  1. An editor since 1991, when I started off with one inch video tape and 35mm moviolas. Even though I became a cameraman thanks to my studies at the London Film School, there isn’t a day that I have stopped editing, it fills every small hole in my schedule. Since 4-5 years ago I established a prosperous business in Video for Weddings and I have edited many pieces just out of using family stock footage and photographs. I have links online if you wish to see them. Please consider me as one of your editors

    1. Enrique, thanks for reaching out! Becoming a VidMob editor is easy: simply sign up here and, once approved, you can get to work straight away. For further info visit our FAQ page here or email us at Thanks! – The MobSquad

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