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Now that we’re almost a week into going live, we can finally report back with some initial launch stats! Given that, from a consumer and business perspective, we’re a totally unknown brand and, given that we haven’t even been on the market longer than 6 days, we believe that these first stats are very promising. We hope that our Mob is as excited about them as we are—a sign of great things to come.

1000 App installs copy (1)App Stats

To date, we’re now over 1,100 app installs and over 300 registered users!

Of those 300+ registered users, a whopping 56% of those users have already created a project.

Project Stats

The average amount of total media that a user has submitted is 10 and a half minutes, with a completed video averaging in at 3.4 minutes once accepted as a final draft.

Considering the above, most editors on our platform to-date are finding that these projects take about 2 days to complete, despite the fact that the average user has set a 7 day turnaround time—which has a phenomenally positive impact on an editor’s rating and how the algorithm favors them!

Auto-Bid Stats

autobid copy (1)

To date, 85% of all awarded projects have come from an auto-bid, with the most popular user-submitted category of Family/Kids.

While Business remains the top set category for our editors, the most underrepresented auto-bid categories are Fashion/Beauty; Culinary; and Health/Wellness.

To be clear, there are still many things that we need to make VidMob much better—for both sides of the marketplace. We’ve seen a number of consumers deny the app access to their camera roll and then wonder why they can’t see their photos/videos. (Yup. This is true!) And while this isn’t technically a “bug,” we’ve gone ahead and fixed it. Many editors complained about not being able to “download all” of the media once a project was awarded to them. We fixed that, too. Some users didn’t know that they needed to get into a wifi zone to complete the upload of their selected media. We (you guessed it!) fixed that. Any many more. In fact, we’re going to be keeping a running tab of the feature improvements and fixes on the site, for those of you who are interested in that type of thing.

As we get more and more comfortable with the way that the marketplace is working, we’re going to be slowly ramping up the marketing efforts needed to grow the demand side of our supply/demand equation. In the meantime, just sit back and let your auto-bids do their thing. The work will come to you, and when it does, you’ll get an email from us (and an SMS—another fix based on editor recommendations).

As we continue to grow our platform, know that these stats above will evolve with it. And know that we plan to continually and regularly update our Mob on this information as we receive it. Once we start marketing to the business channel, expect that category to grow, hopefully rapidly.

Lastly, if you were looking for information on here that we didn’t provide, just sent us a note. Let us know what stats you were hoping for and we’ll be sure to include them in the next update!

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