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Thanksgiving is just a day away! It’s so close we can almost smell it. And at VidMob, we couldn’t be more excited. Because there’s nothing like bringing good food together with family and friends to celebrate all that we’re thankful for (and, because like any well-planned fete, there’s also bound to be something that goes hilariously askew).

So this year, join us in taking your celebrations up a notch by capturing it all—yes, even the I-burnt-the-house-down-deep-frying-the-turkey all—on video. Then we’ll find an editor to turn all of our Turkey Day memories into one epic, “Thanksgiving Dos & Don’ts” video that we’ll be sure to laugh about for a lifetime. To join our project by adding your clips & pics from this Thanksgiving, click here

Below we’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite “Do” moments to capture this Thanksgiving…as well as a laughable list of “Don’ts” that, even if Mom might not be so psyched to see occur, we’d sure as hell be happy to find in our video (in case you feel like adding an extra dash of chaos to your Thanksgiving spread this year).


  • Prepping & Carving the Turkey: The bird is the word on Turkey Day and the main event of most Thanksgiving meals. So, whether you’re deep-frying, basting, or even going Tofurkey this year, capture how you do it big.
  • Family Football: A classic T-Give pastime that you can fondly remember…or use as proof that it was, indeed, a touchdown.
  • Greetings: For many, this time of year brings family and friends from all across the globe back together again. Capture each guest’s reaction to these special reunions as they walk through the door and greet one another.
  • What You’re Thankful For: Give thanks! Ask each guests to say what they’re thankful for this year.
  • Your Special Traditions: Every holiday has its special traditions, and no two families celebrate the same way. What makes your Thanksgiving unique?
  • Special Recipes: Dad make the best mashed potatoes this side of the Mississippi? Never had stuffing as good as Grandma’s? Show it on video! And don’t forget to take a few beauty shots of the dinner spread.
  • The Little Moments: Sometimes, it’s the seemingly irrelevant moments that can wind up making the best video memories. So go ahead and capture those after-meal food comas and sleepy yawns amidst the dinner table. Go ahead and pan in on your favorite decorations, or catch a shot of the door right before you arrive to the celebration—because it’s all these small moments strung together that make your holiday experience yours.


  • Tackle Your Uncle with the Bad Hip in Touch Football: Because no one wants to eat their Thanksgiving meal at the hospital.
  • Deep-Fry the Turkey in the House: Sure, it might be cold outside. But like we said above, no one wants to eat their Thanksgiving meal at the hospital…or at the firehouse.
  • Unzip Your Pants to Make Room for More Food: Those food comas are a doozy, and can put you at serious risk for forgetting to re-zip. Let’s not scar anyone with your unsightly undies right after they’ve finished a big meal!
  • Show Up Really Late: While it’s arguably rude, it’s also a surefire way to get stuck eating only the green bean casserole and soggy leftover potatoes.
  • Get Too Excited to Carve the Turkey: Because knives are no joke. And, like we said above, no one wants to eat their Thanksgiving meal at the hospital.
  • Indulge in Overly-Inebriated Speeches: Thanksgiving is a great time to address your loved ones as a group, especially in raising a glass to toast. But first make sure you haven’t had too many spiked apple ciders.

So, how will you be spending your Thanksgiving this year? Show us by adding clips & pics from your Thanksgiving celebration to our “Thanksgiving Dos & Don’ts” project, here. And feel free to share this link with your friends and family to make this video even better. And better yet? Make your very own!


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