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We’ve reached a new milestone: 2 weeks officially live! And we’ve got some exciting things headed your way, editors, as well as a few new stats to report on. Read below, and don’t forget to reach out to tell us what stats you’d like to see next week.


500 users (1)We’ve acquired over 400 new app installs within the past week, and we’re now over 500 registered users. These are small numbers, but that’s by design

What’s more interesting than the user numbers is the revenue per registered user. In just 2 weeks, those 500 registered users have created 40 projects which translated into $3,200 in total project revenue.


stars copyOver 90% of all editors who saw their jobs through to completion received a 5 star rating. That’s some happy customers!

Our editors currently have about 2 auto-bids per editor. Which, to be successful on this platform, we feel is a bit low! To learn more about how to make a successful auto-bid and how are bidding system works to help get you jobs the easiest way possible, be sure to read up on these posts/watch one of these videos here (especially given what we’ve got coming soon below!):  The Auto-Bid / The Edit Suite Tutorial / The Smart Bid System / A Message from Our Founder

COMING SOON (Jobs…More Jobs!)

On Tuesday, December 8th, VidMob will be featured on the Emmy Award-winning, daytime talk show, The View! That’s over 2 million viewers who will be introduced to (and hopefully inspired to use!) VidMob and create unique projects. So get those auto-bids ready…

We’ve also got some really exciting partnership projects in the works with two fantastic companies that will bring in a lot of new work for our Mob:

UnknownEleven James — Love luxury watches? Wish you could afford multiples? Well, with Eleven James, you can! A new, monthly subscription service that allows you to enjoy a different high-end watch each month.

b1542db0b068446fbb8ddc10bdc2ae93originalLuxury Retreats — A one-of-a-kind vacation experience. It’s like Airbnb on steroids! Rent breath-taking villas, apartments, and homes in exotic locations around the world that come equipped with your own personal concierge.

As you’ve heard us say before (and we’ll say it again and again!), we’re still working on improving the VidMob platform. We know there aren’t a lot of jobs in the system…yet! We know that the Edit Suite isn’t at 100%…yet! But, rest assured, we’re working hard to fix it all. Like anything else, it will take time. And it also takes a lot of thoughtful, constructive feedback from our community. So keep it coming!

To see where we stand now in comparison to last week, check out last week’s stats here.

3 thoughts on “Week Two: Editor Updates & Stats”

  1. i’d really like to know what people are charging. I’m having a very tough time pricing myself. I usually get a lot of information upfront and charge by the project. That’s very tough to do on an auto-bid. so are people charging by the minute and if so how much? Or are they charging by how much footage they have to sift through?

    1. Hi Deb,

      We decided not to reveal how much other editors are charging simply because we don’t want our marketplace to become a race to the bottom. We want our editors to feel comfortable and confident charging what they feel their time is worth. And we feel that showing editors one another’s bids would utterly defeat that goal.

      However, to make the most of your auto-bids, think about the way you’re used to working as if it were in reverse: as the editor, you set the parameters for what the project details look like that you’d be willing to work on with your auto-bid. So if you’re game to edit a video with X amount of footage, with or without title cards included, yes/no sound mixing, etc. for Y dollars…set those details up in an auto-bid! For more detailed information, explanation, and advice from our Founder, Editor Czar, and Solutions Architect on auto-bids and our bidding system, check out the following posts:

      We realize that our platform isn’t 100% perfect…yet! But we’re getting closer each day thanks to the helpful feedback from our Mob. If you have any suggestions for improvements or other feedback, we’re all ears 🙂

      The MobSquad

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