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What is an “Open Collaboration” you might ask? Well, that’s a great question. In short, an open collaboration is a VidMob-sponsored project that we’ve opened up to the whole wide world to collaborate on. Neat, right?

At VidMob, we’re really into collaboration.  It’s arguably one of the coolest features of our brand new app. And we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible—of what doors can open and what dreams can be realized—as a result of getting others to join in on the experience with you!

So what can happen when many people get together to participate on a project? Well, we think the possibilities are endless. And as a result, we’re quite excited to get our next open collaboration project off he ground. We’ll be the first to admit that VidMob’s scale is still relatively small, so a collaboration today is nothing compared to what a collaboration will be like once the platform has achieved true scale down the road. But even with our current, relatively small reach, we still think collaborations have power.

Given the success of our first open collaboration project, “Thanksgiving Dos & Don’ts,” we wanted to make this next one bigger. Better. And with the timing of the next installment of the Star Wars saga set to premier this week, we couldn’t think of a better pairing to inspire our next open collaboration project! So for all you Star Wars fans out there, this one’s for you—and stay tuned, because we have even more up our sleeves.

To start guessing as to what exactly we have planned for you all, follow us on social media for when we’ll reveal more hints and clues (notice any in this post?) for how we plan to celebrate Star Wars and announce our next open collaboration!

To view last week’s open collaboration project, click here. To watch our MobFeed Spotlight on why we loved last week’s open collaboration, click here. And to follow us on social media, click the any of the links below to follow us on the platform you’re active on:

And (for all of our iPhone users) if you haven’t already, be sure to download the app so you can get ready to join in on this upcoming collaboration!

Making Your Collaboration. Better.


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