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Hey editors! We’ve got a new round of updates and a few more stats to share with you. Enjoy 🙂 And, as always, please let us know what stats you’d like to see next week:


  • 96% of all bids accepted had notes included, so make sure your auto-bids get particular about what comes with it! In your notes, be sure to mention whether or not it includes title cards, sound mixing, or other special effects.
  • Of over half of all users who’ve accepted bids from an editor, those editors chosen had a category-related video in their portfolio—so make sure that your portfolio videos are properly categorized!
  • To date, only 24% of our editors have set up an auto-bid—that’s less than a quarter of you! So, if you’re struggling to find jobs on our platform, rethink your auto-bid strategy (click one of the following for tutorials, explainers, and more auto-bid info). And for the 76% of you who have yet to set up an auto-bid, now’s the time!*

*At the risk of sounding like a broken record, our editors need to set up auto-bids (yes, plural!) to be successful on this platform. We invented the auto-bid to change the way video editors find work. We know it’s different and perhaps slightly uncomfortable. But that’s the point. We’re abandoning the old way and embracing change, because the old system wasn’t working for most editors, either. And we’re braving new territory to make VidMob the easiest, fastest way for our editors to find work. Finessing that system will take time and some trial and error. That’s where your feedback comes in. So get in the Edit Suite, play around with some auto-bids, and let us know how we can improve upon them 🙂

NEW APP FEATURES (to help get you more clients!)

Editor Favoriting: As you build clients, they will be able to “favorite” you as an editor and then ping you for manual bids on future projects. This will ensure that you’re not wasting your time manually bidding on hundreds of projects. Additionally, we’re building tools now so that editors can create unique links to their personal editor profile. You can distribute these links to anyone, and when they click on your link, you will automatically be added as a favorite editor in their settings—meaning that your auto-bids will be the first bids that they see on their next project, and if you don’t have applicable bids for that project, they’ll be able to ping you to request a manual bid. How cool is that? But the auto-bid will always remain a consistent driver of additional work that comes to you with no effort on your part.


This past Tuesday, December 9th, VidMob was featured on the Emmy-winning daytime talk show,
The View. Below are some highlights from our visit to ABC Studios and a glimpse of the segment.


Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.18.50 PM
Click any image to watch the segment!


We’re starting to promote our second open collaboration project and a special Star Wars-themed reveal due to debut this weekend. We hope that this upcoming project will help create more buzz and excitement surrounding what we’re building here at VidMob in order to draw in new users and encourage more project creation.

To start following our trail of clues for what the big Star Wars reveal will be, check out our blog post here and be sure to follow the clue trail on our social channels @VidMob.

And, as always, if there are any stats that you’d like to see next week please reach out to us at to let us know!

7 thoughts on “Week 3 Editor Update”

  1. Either I’m doing something wrong or you are – I believe you are. This has been a very frustrating process in getting my reel, autobids, etc. set up and active – I’ve been with you prior to the APP launch and have been patient but have seen zero activity in terms of getting work – sorry I don’t have a pet reel – it seems clearly to be an issue of supply and demand and the cheapest bids win – I thought this might be a nice way to fill in the gaps between my real work but it appears to be an anomaly – will keep on with you for a while longer but am quite skeptical and if I don’t see some improvement in my profile I will pass it on to the professional community which is already looking at you as a pretender

    1. Hi Michael,

      We’re sorry to hear you feel that way! We’ve been very diligent in communicating with our editors that this launch process is going to take some time. So, to-date, you’re not the only one waiting for the jobs to roll in. We’re holding off on any large marketing campaigns until we’ve sorted through the kinks and made more improvements to the Edit Suite–which we’re working on every day. Rest assured this platform is not a race to the bottom (read more on how our algorithm works to favor fair market value bids here: For now, make sure you have multiple auto-bids set up. Although they may take some time to initially establish, autos-bids will hands-down make your life easier in the long run because you won’t have to manually bid on individual jobs anymore. Then, in the new year, be sure to expect our larger marketing efforts to bring in more users and jobs that your auto-bids will attract. Until then, if you have any specific suggestions for improving our Edit Suite, we’d love to hear them! We want this platform to be of real use to our editors and we can’t make it the best it can be without your input. We value it incredibly.

      Thank you for reaching out and let us know if you have any other questions, concerns, or feedback 🙂

      Team VidMob

    2. I’m charging bottom of the barrel prices despite being an editor with 9 years of experience & receiving no work. I have auto bids set up and I put the bare bones in the notes section because there is no way I can set up a bid for every situation – pay me & I’ll edit.

      The only reason I have it is because I’m unemployed & hoping to have something to do. The second I get another full time job I’m out because this is earning me exactly zero dollars.

      1. Hi Ian,

        It appears as though there are two big reasons for why you might be struggling to find jobs: 1) Remember, we’re still new and working hard every day on making the necessary improvements to our platform before we ramp up our marketing efforts–the jobs will become abundant, but it’s going to take a little time initially. 2) It could be that you’re struggling to find any jobs precisely because you’re charging bottom of the barrel prices! If you’ve been following our blog posts and other communications, you’ll know that underbidding fair market value will make it extremely difficult to get your bids in front of users.

        Also, keep in mind that we’re attempting to change the way video editors find work–to be successful on our platform (which admittedly approaches things a bit differently than traditional freelance arrangements) you’ll need to take care setting up your auto-bids. The beauty of this is that, while you may have to initially put in a little extra effort to set up multiple, thorough auto-bids, once you’ve completed them you can just set it and forget–and let VidMob bring the jobs to you!

        To get a behind-the-scenes understanding of how our algorithm works, as well as best practices for making the most of your auto-bids and editor profile in order to find early success on our platform, please read or watch the following posts:

        And if you have further questions, concerns, or other feedback, don’t hesitate to get back in touch 🙂
        Team VidMob

  2. My biggest question and issue that I have with VidMob currently is the lack of knowing what the project is about. As a freelance video editor, I have a day rate as most of us do. That day rate is very expensive for the general public and their cute cat videos, or cute kid videos. It’s very hard to know what a project is about when we as editors look at the project details and see the Owner, what they are calling it, what category, how many media files, the media length and the days to deliver. I’m sorry, is it an interview? Do I need to sync footage? Is it YouTube footage? Is it SD footage that you want to be HD footage and are you going to be upset when it doesn’t look very good?

    As an editor, VidMob is a really interesting view into a different type of work and how to get jobs. You literally can work all around the world and what’s nice about VidMob is that you guys take a piece of the pie after the job is invoiced and paid — this is very nice as other online bid companies make you pay to bid, and then just hope to god that you get selected. That’s why I don’t use other companies like that.

    The problem with your Auto-bid system is that no two jobs are the same. I don’t know if the client is going to be a nightmare…if it’s 4 days to deliver, is it 4 days until it’s due? Are you expecting to get 40 hours of me in those 4 days? Are you requesting 10 hours of my time and want a final product in 4 days? It’s very hard to gauge and I would guess that a lot of the 76% of editors who haven’t set up auto-bids are very cautious to do so because of this. What we do is difficult, time consuming and requires a fairly unique set of experience that a good portion of the world does not have.

    Until you guys make it easier for the editors to know what they are getting into, I cannot support VidMob and your venture. This makes me very sad, I was very excited when I heard about VidMob, but when I logged into the Editor Suite and took a look around I was very disappointed. I felt like it was a kids room that was very difficult to navigate and didn’t allow for as much customization to really figure out if the job was a scam or what the job was even about.

    Things I would suggest that you guys do to allow for more editors to get excited about this are:

    Allowing for a description that the project owner must complete. In fact, even break that down even further, allow for checkboxes, does audio need synced, how was it recorded, is it an interview, what are they expecting to receive? Force them to do this like you force us to write in what our bid includes.

    The next thing is based on our description of our bid. I’m sorry, 1,024 characters is not enough space for me to professionally write, what in essence, is a cover letter to a prospective person who may want to work with me. If I can’t let them know what it includes, who I am, what I do, why I am the way I am, then what’s the point?

    You guys really need to put yourself in the editor shoes and maybe even ask what’s wrong with your application that only 24% of your editors set up auto-bids. It’s not our fault, I can guarantee that.

    I hope you guys get this figured out, you have a great idea here, it’s unfortunately very half-baked and should have gone through more testing with the freelance editing community before being released to the public and marketed the way it is being marketed. I wish you the best and look forward to new updates, I’d love to entertain the idea of this platform, but until it’s made more friendly for the people actually doing the work, you will continue to have a low rating among us professionals.

    1. Hi Bryant,

      We appreciate your concerns and feedback, and want you to know that we’ve built this platform by professional editors for professional editors–which means we fully understand the amount of work and skill that our editors bring to the table. It’s precious work! And we want every one of our editors to be successful on our platform.

      But to do so, we have to go about things a little differently. We’re changing the way the system works because we’re trying to be more effective, efficient, and–simply–easier. And we feel strongly that the auto-bid is the answer to this. But it will take some getting used to. Sure, the auto-bid system might be a little outside some of our editors’ comfort zones, especially as seasoned professionals who’re used to a particular way of doing things. But we’ve also received a lot of positive feedback from other seasoned professionals (Emmy award winners and major network editors) on how this is the answer they’ve been waiting for…auto-bid and all.

      As such, it’s important to think about each auto-bid as a specific type of job description you’d be willing to work on for a particular price–except that you, as the editor, set the parameters. If, in your history of experience, you’ve found that a video with X amount of footage usually reduces into Y amount for a final cut, and usually takes you Z amount of hours for which you’d charge $A–then set an auto-bid! Got another type of project with different variables that you’d also be willing to work on? Set up an auto-bid. Sure, the establishment of a few auto-bids initially requires a little thought and effort on the part of our editors, but…we think it’s far easier to set it and forget it than it is to manually bid on individual projects over and over and over again. Why not let VidMob just bring the jobs to you, instead?

      We realize the system isn’t 100% perfect, yet. And we still have much work to do on our Edit Suite. Which, if you’ve been following our email and social communications, we’ve been stressing this to our editors since the day we launched it. We put most of our efforts into the app first, since that’s how we’ll attract users to create great projects. Now, we’re working on perfecting the Edit Suite, so we sincerely appreciate all the suggestions you’ve provided above!

      In regards to the notes, etc., we have yet to require this from users. We feel that, if a user wants to give notes they will or they won’t regardless of wether it’s required (read: one word or very vague directions, etc). Our research also suggests that though first-time users are less likely to provide initial feedback, they are usually very responsive when an editor reaches out with follow up questions, etc. And that, upon a second project, users understand the process enough to provide more initial direction in the project notes. However, your suggestion for a required checklist could prove a useful solution to finding that happy middle ground here! I will be sure to forward that along to our Editor Czar, Matt Dubroff, for consideration.

      As for auto-bid notes, try not to think of them as a cover letter. Remember that we’re doing things differently than the traditional freelance assignment. As our research has indicated, people who are attracted to VidMob want to get a professional editor quickly and easily, and therefore don’t typically want to read too much in order to find one. So keep your notes short, sweet, and to the point, and let your editor profile speak for you!

      I hope this helps answer your questions and clarifies some of your concerns. Thank you again for your suggestions! If you have any other feedback, we’re all ears 🙂

      Team VidMob

      1. Thanks Katie for the detailed responses. I will continue to play around with it and see what I can come up with. I look forward to seeing the evolution of the app and am excited about its future!


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