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The halls are decked, the bells are jingling, and the holiday celebrations are officially in full gear. So if you’re panicked about how you’ll get all your gift giving done before the New Year’s upon us, we have the perfect answer: Give the gift of video!

There’s a reason why we all love a good video (especially when it’s of the ones we know and love): video has the power to transport us to another time and another place. And for those loved ones who live far away, have gone off to college, or who you simply can’t get enough off, video becomes like a form of time travel with them. How? Well, it puts us right back into the arms of family when we’re homesick, brightens a wintery day with memories of a beach trip, and makes us belly laugh again and again. Video is a powerful thing! And it makes for an incredibly powerful gift—especially when you’ve found a talented video editor who will love your footage as much as you do to help you craft the perfect story.

Here are our top 3 reasons why we think video makes the perfect gift this holiday:

 1.  It’s one-of-a-kind: Your memories are as unique as you are. So sharing the ones you’ve already captured on your iPhone, GoPro, or other video recording device means there’s nothing else in the world like it. How cool is that? Your video gift is truly an original.

 2.  It’s truly thoughtful: Let’s face it. Gift giving can be hard. With all that pressure to show your caring thoughtfulness, it’s easy to get stressed out and wind up just picking a gift card (no judgement, we’ve totally been there). But gift cards are a dime a dozen. A personalized video, however? Now that’s chalk-full of special memories you’ve shared with someone. And that…that’s bound to result in lots of holiday joy.

3.  It’s easier than going to the mall: You can create a video gift from your couch, the plane, your bed—anywhere that you’ve got your phone and a wifi connection. Which (we think!) totally beats waiting in those massive lines at the mall. Need we say more?

And the best part? A video gift can be whatever you want it to be—and it’ll be all the more rare and special for it. It will be the one thing you can give this year and know no one else can duplicate (which means no need to burden your loved ones with returns or regifting!).  And it’s something your loved ones can cherish for this holiday season and beyond.

Already checked off your shopping list (you lucky dog, you)? Don’t forget that video also makes for a great holiday card, too! To see how our founder is wishing his friends and family a Happy Holidays with video this year, click the image below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 6.25.03 PM

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