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Meet Chef AMax, the wonderfully charming pastry-chef-extraordinaire who earned her stripes in the kitchens of per se and Eleven Madison Park to bring to you the finest in sugary creations. And now, she’s starting her very own web series!

To help her kick off what we can only hope will be a catch-fire new series, we’re helping Chef AMax celebrate Star Wars the best way she knows how—with food. Glorious food. Or, well, I guess we should say cake. A six layer cake (yes, yes, that’s one layer for each episode).

Want to know what goes into making a cake with six layers that tells the tale of each Star Wars episode? Well, you’re in luck. Because Chef AMax is going to be teaming up with The MobSquad to live stream the entire experience. You read that right. Her and our MobSquad will be walking you through every step you opt to tune in for!

And if that tantalizes your taste buds, then you’ll be sure to enjoy the many guests appearances we’ve got in the works to help celebrate the release of The Force Awakens and Chef AMax’s upcoming web series launch—aka five full days of full-on, cake-licious streaming with surprise guests popping in and out throughout the entire event.

Did we mention it gets better? We’re also starting a new, open collaboration Star Wars project to help celebrate, too. Because, if Chef AMax is getting ready for The Force Awakens with a layer cake live stream, then we just have to know what it is that the rest of our VidMob community is doing to prepare! So, if you too have some exciting projects in the works, have a favorite scene you’ve been planning to reenact, a character you want to memorialize, or any other “I’m getting pumped for Star Wars” event coming up, then we want to see it. To join our open collaboration and share what it is that’s getting you amped for the 18th, keep an eye on our social media channels for the share link.

So why all this? For just a movie? Well, for starters, Star Wars is not just a movie(s). Like what we’re trying to build here at VidMob, it’s representative of an incredibly powerful, passionate community. It’s artists and visionaries and creatives and quirks—and we love how it brings people from all corners of the earth together because of something that moves them.

And while we can’t bring people from all corners of the earth into Chef AMax’s kitchen for the live stream, we can bring them from very different walks of life. With stories to tell. With art to create. With celebrations to share. And we want as many people to get in on it as possible! Because that’s what makes anything collaborative worth doing.

To submit to our open collaboration and join Chef AMax as she walks you through the wonderful world of Star Wars (sugar-butter-and-cream-style), be sure to mark your calendars for Sunday the 13th when it’s all set to go down: Chef AMax will be kicking off the livestream promptly at 12 pm EST and we’ll be sending out share links to join in on our Star Wars open collaboration.

We can’t wait to see what you create for The Force Awakens!

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