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We are beginning to roll out some new features for the Edit Suite that we think will make our editors’ lives much easier. I am going to outline just some of the features here (as there are too many to list), so keep an eye out for other improvements. If you have any feedback or ideas for improvements you would like to see, please let us know at

  • Tool Tips: Column headers throughout the website now have more information available if you hover your mouse over the column title. For instance, if you hover over the “Drafts” column, you will see some explainer text saying, “The max number of drafts made available to the user for this bid.”  These Tool Tips will appear on the “Find Jobs,” “My Auto-Bids,” “My Manual Bids,” “Work in Progress,” and “Completed” tabs.
  • Improved Search: On every page with a search feature, we have added a much more powerful search engine. You will now be able to search through every displayed field at once. For example, if you search “animals” and “puppy,” you will see every project in the “Animals/Pets” category that has the word “puppy” in the title.
  • Data Tables: You’ll now be able to sort each column, so you can better locate the perfect projects for you. We have also changed the way these tables are constructed, and they have a new feature that will actively search while you type. These will appear on the “Find Jobs,” “My Auto-Bid,” “My Manual Bids,” “Work in Progress,” and “Completed” pages.
  • Proper Pagination: We had a bug in the system that, in searching through pages like “Find Jobs,” you would continuously be sent back to page one. This will no longer happen, and we have implemented this change on numerous pages throughout the site.
  • Other Small Changes: We made numerous small changes to help eliminate a lot of the confusion we were hearing about. For example, we have changed “Media Length” to “Total Raw Media Length.”

These are just a few of the changes we have made, but you’ll definitely see more as we begin rolling out the update. We are constantly working to make VidMob the best and most helpful platform it can possibly be, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on this latest version.


Keep cutting, editors!


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