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As we’ve seen happen on our platform again and again, all it takes is one—just one—video to convert a new app user into a regular, satisfied customer. It is this evidence of the power of video that keeps us going. Because we know that, in time, VidMob will soon become saturated with plenty of users creating video after video after video.

We also believe that the same goes for our editors. All it takes is one—just one—job to show our editors just how easy and satisfying it is to find work through our platform.

Just as there are many questions and curious excitement surrounding a user’s first experience with our app, so too has there been many questions and curiosity surrounding the feedback we’ve received from those editors who feel “in the dark” as they await their first job. And it’s amazing—simply amazing—to see how the experience of a first job is all the light that needs shining to show editors why we work the way we do.

So while we’ve strived to answer all our editors’ questions as best we can, we thought we’d shed some real light, from a real VidMob editor, on much of the feedback we’ve received.

We chatted with Sam C. on how his first job with VidMob went and his feelings about the platform. Sam is a video editor from the New York Metro Area who has 10 years previous video editing experience with NBC and also works freelance.

Here’s what he had to say:

Why I love VidMob:

VidMob saves me time and money by finding the jobs and handling the billing process for me.  I can spend more time practicing my craft and less on marketing and invoices.

1) What are your goals for using VidMob?

I want to expand my client base into a market that was unreachable before VidMob came along.

2) Do your goals and the growth trajectory for VidMob as a platform align? (why/why not)

Yes, as VidMob pursues more high end business clients, we will grow together.

3) What is your favorite (or least favorite) part about the platform?

My favorite part of the platform is how little effort I have to put into getting jobs.  I also appreciate being able to name my own price and getting paid promptly without chasing after clients.

My least favorite part about the platform is not being able to see a list of jobs I’ve auto-bid on.

4) What advantages or special opportunities do you see happening because of VidMob (if any)?

I see VidMob opening up a market that didn’t exist before.  People are recording more media than ever and so much of it goes unused. VidMob is a place for people to go and get something special made out of all the photos and video they take.

5) How have your clients been to work with? Did it meet your expectations?

Clients have given me the freedom to be creative and use my imagination to create something personal for them.

6) What has surprised you most (whether good or bad) about VidMob so far?

I am pleased to see that on a platform where editors are competing for jobs, my rates have remained fair.

We hope you enjoyed hearing what member of our editor community has to say about VidMob, and we hope it helped to shed a little more light on not only how our platform works but how we intend for all of our editors to feel upon receiving their first (and the many more to come!) job.

Did you enjoy hearing from a VidMob editor? Let us know in the comments below or by reaching out to

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