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Whether you’ve got video sitting on old camcorders, lying forgotten in hard drives, or simply taking up useless space on your iPhone, we’ve got one VidMob power user who is sure to inspire you to do something amazing with it.

Meet the Walker Family

They’re an epic foursome who has been traveling the world and taking some killer video in the process (watch below to see what we mean):

(this video was edited by VidMob editor, Nathanael S. Hire Nathanael for your next project!)

They’re proof that, no matter when or how you recorded your videos, there’s still a way to create some incredible mini-movies you, your family, and even your friends will enjoy watching for years to come.

Dig Up the Past and Bring it to Life

VidMob isn’t just for the videos you capture on your iPhone (though we’ve seen some pretty impressive ones done that way…like this one here).

It’s for any video. It’s for the videos taking up real estate on your external hard drive. Or the video you’ve shot on your high-end DSLR camera. It’s even for the VHS tapes that you finally decided to have digitized. With VidMob, you can now transform all of those clips into powerful, live movie-memories—just like the Walkers did.

Watch their full video:
(This video was edited by VidMob editor, CJ Bezuidenhout. Hire CJ for your next video!)

How to Rescue Your Old Videos

Getting videos stored on external drives and into a VidMob project is extremely simple—it just takes a moment of forethought before creating your project.

Here’s a quick, step-by-step guide to accessing that footage with our app:

1.    Upload your footage to any cloud service, like DropBox or Google Drive.
2.   Create a VidMob project as you normally would.
3.   Locate your DropBox or Google Drive media folder during the Media Selection step of the Project Creation process in-app.
4.   Review media stored in your cloud accounts and add selected clips and photos to your project (it’s that simple!).
(For more on how to access your pre-iPhone media files, visit our FAQ.)

Most of the earlier Walker videos use footage from well before the days of iPhones and other smartphones (thanks to our app’s cloud account integration). Yet they’re still as incredible as the ones they’ve made with today’s tech.

Which we think speaks volumes to real power of the VidMob platform: with a little creative effort from a talented editor, you can turn any raw video clips (even if they’re not vacation-focused—they just have to be important to you!) into a Walker-worthy video.

What stories are you waiting to tell? Download the VidMob app today to revive your home videos. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channels or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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