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Vimeo just launched a new partnership program, Vimeo Integration Partners (VIP), that now allows brands to better utilize the power of video through their platform. And we are incredibly proud and honored to be amongst this limited launch group of VIPs.

But more importantly, what does this new partnership mean for you, our users?

We’re happy you asked.

This video was edited by VidMob editor Jorge Leitao. Hire Jorge here!

3 Ways this Benefits Our Users

With this new VIP status, our app users now have more flexibility and seamless interaction with their Vimeo accounts. And we have three solid reasons for why this partnership is going to make Vimeo users pretty happy:

1)   Access: Users can now locate any of their Vimeo account videos directly through VidMob. It’s as easy as scrolling to your “Vimeo” folder during media selection and choosing which clips you want for your project.

 2)   Storage: Our phones have a rather limited storage space, and video can eat up a lot of that precious real estate. But if you make a habit of storing your video clips on Vimeo (where storage is essentially endless!) you can access them just as easily through VidMob.


3)   Share: No need to download your video before posting it to Vimeo—with our direct share feature, you can send your finished VidMob video to Vimeo in one click.


We’d like to thank Vimeo for their continued support in helping make the VidMob experience as seamless as possible. And we hope that our users are just as excited as we are about this new partnership and the resulting new integration features!

To create a VidMob video with your Vimeo account, download the app today. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest platform updates!

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