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Name the last time you saw a really, really good video. I’m willing to bet it happened more recently than the last time you saw a really, really good movie—especially one in the theatre. I’m also willing to bet it happened online, where more and more of our everyday interactions and communications are taking place.

We don’t need to perform any high and mighty fact dumps here to prove to you how video is taking over as the favored means of communication—you can look to your favorite social media’s news feed for that.

And for our friends at Pond5, to use Vice President Chris Hwang’s words, that was “the bet we were willing to make—that at some point video was going to explode.”

And, boy, did it ever.

The beauty is that, not only was Pond5 100% on the mark with that bet they placed back in 2006, but they’re also empowering video creation in a way that makes us pretty excited about what this next communication wave has to bring.

“There was nobody really filling in that gap; no one was empowering video creators. Oftentimes, these professionals were sort of in the corner and in the dark—in their editing suites. No one talked to them, yet we thought that [ video ] was a powerful way to tell stories from a visual perspective.”

So how does Pond5 bring those video creators out of their in-the-dark editing suites and into the front lines of video innovation? It’s quite simple actually.

Pond5 is a marketplace for both content creators and those in need of video content. The content creators, or sellers, submit their works for review and, upon acceptance into the Pond5 library, make a 50% profit on their media’s sales. For buyers, or those in need of content, Pond5 has a library of over 5,000,000 videos (plus music, photos, and more!), from artists hailing from over 150 countries around the world. That’s no small collection of media-rich content.

And they’re not just in the business of video, though they remain a video-focused platform. “We’re a leading marketplace for creative licensing.” Which means they offer anything from video, music, and photos to sound effects, 3D models, and motion templates to their community. Plus, specially curated offerings for their membership packages. And because Pond5 deeply understands the changing needs of their media-makers, they’re constantly working to stay on top of and anticipate the needs of their creatorsboth the suppliers and the buyers. That is why they’ve readily evolved into “a one-stop shop [for video assets].

Which, if you haven’t gathered already, gets us pretty pumped. We see Pond5 as an extremely valuable resource for not just our editor community, looking to fill b-roll or enhance their graphic offerings, but also as a creative starting point for many of our users.

Because what’s unique about Pond5 is that they don’t just see their services as restricted to the more traditional “Band-Aid” effect of filling in b-roll or other gaps within the visual storyline—though they note how useful this would be for our editor community working with limited user-provided media.

Instead, Pond5 also believes “…especially with social media marketers, that the creative workflow begins with us. It starts with Pond5.” Which sets the foundation for those sky-is-the-limit opportunities for content creation and quality art.

“We think there’s amazing content creators on our site—hundreds of thousands—and if people just take the time to look at it and search, I think what they’ll realize is that this might actually be the beginning part of the creative cycle. This might actually help create inspiration. [It] might actually be something that you end up taking on simply because you were able to find [content] and put it together in a collection and say, ‘Okay, okay, this is the story. This is what we should push out today on social.’”

Either way, what Pond5 is ultimately in the business of is creation. “One of our brand mottos (since our new re-branding that recently occurred) is, ‘Create with us.’ You’re a creator! Create with us and we’re going to give you everything we can—wherever you are in that workflow, you can create with us. It’s simple.”

So however our VidMob community decides to create—be it as users relying on Pond5 footage as creative birthplaces, or as our editors relying on their multi-media offerings to heighten the professional quality of their editor brand—we know that when they do create with Pond5, everyone wins.

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