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We’re excited to introduce a new feature into the VidMob platform: Additional Services.

This latest feature seeks to enhance the workflow of projects that wind up exceeding the initial project scope. In the VidMob platform, you bid to work on a client’s project based on the initial amount of media provided by a client—but what we’ve noticed is that, as a project develops, clients sometimes want to continue refining a project beyond the initial agreement. So instead of disrupting this natural evolution, we decided to refine it by allowing our editors to work with their clients to get a project exactly where it needs to be.

Our Additional Services feature is currently available only for additional drafts, adding significantly more media, or reimbursement for purchasing music. We structure each additional service like a line item on an invoice; so to add multiple services, you will need to create multiple, corresponding up-charges (read on for the step-by-step process).


These additional services are not intended to be a significant portion of a given project, and are therefore capped at the total value of the initial bid. For instance, if your original bid was for $10, we cap the total up-charge at $10. The up-charges for these additional services are processed exactly as the original bids, with the same platform fee for each up-charge. The only exception to this is when purchasing music. Music additional services are always capped at $5 and do not incur the traditional platform fee.

How it Works

When a client expresses interest in services that extend the scope of the original project details, we recommend suggesting this new feature. Here’s a brief rundown of how the process works from both the client and editor perspective:

As a Client

  1. The additional services process must be initiated by the client. Therefore, prior to initiation, we recommend that editors and their clients agree upon the additional services and their related cost via chat.
  2. The client will then initiate the request for additional services within the app.
  3. And once the editor has drafted a corresponding invoice for review, the client can accept these additional services and the project will continue according to the new details.


app-update_additional_services (1)


As an Editor

  1. After discussing the additional services in chat, and once a client initiates the request, editors will notice a new “Create Upcharge” button in the Project Overview (below).
  2. Upon selecting this action, editors can create the upcharges for each additional service.
  3. Once the client accepts these upcharges, VidMob will automatically apply them to the project.



Since we opened our platform last year, we’ve seen numerous clients so inspired by the early drafts of their VidMob projects that they’ve wanted to put in even more effort than previously anticipated. We hope that, with this new feature, not only will our editors be able to deliver on this excitement, but that you’ll also be appropriately compensated for doing so.

If you have any feedback on this feature, or have ideas for new features in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out at And follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
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