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If you weren’t a big fan of our old Auto-Bid system, we don’t blame you. Since it was a bit tricky, we decided to give it a complete and thoughtful overhaul.

As such, these past few months we’ve been heads-down on researching the fastest and easiest way for our editors to create successful auto-bids—keyword “easiest.”

We kept a close eye on the projects that traveled through our platform, and listened intently to the feedback from our editor community. And after some finessing, we built out a solution that we’re both proud and excited to introduce to our editors.

The New Auto-Bid Sheet

What our research revealed was that media length wound up being the most influential factor in determining the scope (and thus the price) of a given project.

This led us to develop the Auto-Bid Sheet: a straightforward way for our editors to calculate an appropriate auto-bid for a particular project, simply by entering their average hourly rate.

This video was editing by VidMob editor TJ McCarthy. Hire TJ here.


Here’s How it Works:

1)   Convert Your Old Auto-Bids into the Auto-Bid Sheet

Previously, you had to set up auto-bids one at a time. Now, with the Auto-Bid Sheet, simply enter your average hourly rate and our platform will convert your rate into multiple, unique auto-bids based on project data from our platform.


2)   Adjust by Including Post-Production Services

You can also account for additional services, like extra drafts, color correction, or sound design, by adding in your fees for those add-ons. Then our platform will calculate and adjust your auto-bids accordingly when a user requests those services.


3)   Wait for the Jobs to Come to You

With accurate and well-calculated auto-bids, expect to see even more, even better jobs through our platform. And, just like before, if you’re planning on taking a vacation or won’t be able to take on extra work, simply hit “Pause All Auto-Bids.”

Thanks again to all our editors who participated in the survey and sent along their thorough and useful feedback on the auto-bid—we couldn’t have done this update without your help! To keep the lines of communication open, let us know what you think of this update by reaching out to us at

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