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Like clockwork, we’re working to build and improve VidMob’s offerings by adding the best and most-requested features to our platform on a consistent and frequent basis.

So what have we got for you this time around? Two pretty exciting new feature improvements to help you create and communicate more exactly—plus, a lovely UX addition to make interacting with our app that much more pleasant.


Who doesn’t like extras? Now, you can select up to six Additional Services to include in your project to help you find an editor with the exact skill set needed to make your video exactly as you envisioned it.

2 Ways You Can Use this Feature to Find the Perfect Editor for Your Project Needs

1.   Add Extras in Project Details

If you know you’re going to need a moving logo or something like subtitles, you can account for these extras by clicking “Add Additional Services.” Replace “Basic Editing” with any of the six offerings in order to find an editor with the right skills to complete your project.


2.   Filter Editor Bids According to which Services You Need:

Maybe you’re not sure what add-ons your video needs. or perhaps you’re more focused on how these additional services will affect the project cost. When you choose “Find an Editor,” and are presented with available bid cards, you can then filter bids according to which services you are or are not interested in.


As such, the bid selection will respond to your applied filter, displaying different bid prices and available editors. Want to change your mind and get rid of all services? You can do that here, too.

What Are the 6 Additional Services Offered?

 1.   Color Grading

Great for when you’ve shot footage in low lighting and want to brighten it, or when you need to cool an overly orange-colored shot.

2.   Motion Graphics

Want to add some special effects to your video, like a moving logo or animation? You’ll want to make sure you hire an editor with motion graphic skills.

3.   Overnight/Same-Day Turnaround

Need a final cut within 24 hours? We can help you find an editor to make it happen.

4.   Sound Design

Hoping for special sound effects? Or need to even out some not-so-great audio? Hire an editor that offers sound design and your video will sound just right.

5.   Subtitling

Whether you need captions or foreign language subtitles, selecting “Subtitling” can help you choose an aptly skilled editor to do the job.

6.   Title Design

Want to add a little flare or flourish to your video? Hiring an editor with great title design can help give your video that creative touch.


If you prefer to add detailed Project Notes via a Word doc or PDF, or want to include a brand style guide, well, now you can—all directly through the app thanks to our latest integration improvement to DropBox. Because if you can store it on DropBox, you should be able to access it for your VidMob project.

Google Drive Coming Soon!

Love this feature but wishing it was for Google Drive, too? Well, good news is that’ll be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Because thumbnails in Media Selection and Media Summary display on the smaller side, it’s often necessary to view the media in full-screen mode to discern which clip is which. But what used to be a bit tricky about that, was you couldn’t swipe through media in full-screen view to move from item to item. Thankfully, all that’s changed—so swipe and select away, media reviewers!

And that’s a wrap for the latest App Update 1.7. We’re excited to release these new features to you guys and hope that you’re as excited about them as we are.

Have feedback, questions, or suggestions? Reach out and let us know at And to stay on top of the latest and greatest with VidMob, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
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