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At VidMob, we pride ourselves in listening to our clients and delivering solutions to make their lives easier. As more and more businesses have begun using VidMob to rapidly scale the amount of video content that they produce, one of the consistent requests that we have heard from folks was for a desktop version.

The reasons for the request were many: that’s where their higher-end media lived; it’s easier to chat with an editor on a work computer; they would prefer to review drafts on a computer’s big screen; typing out long feedback was much easier on a keyboard than an iPhone; it’s easier to get group feedback from co-workers on a computer; and many more.

You asked, and we listened.

So we have spent the past six months talking with clients about the specifics of their needs, designing an experience to match that, and then implementing the technology. Through all of this, we kept today’s award-winning mobile experience in mind. Because the only thing better than a great desktop app, is a seamless experience across desktop and mobile, that enables you to interface with your projects in the optimal way, wherever you are.

What we are rolling out today is only an MVP (minimum viable product). It has bugs. And there are still many features that we plan on adding to today’s framework in the coming weeks and months. But it’s a significant step towards our goal of enabling any company in the world to create a virtual “production department” in about the time it takes to enter your email address.

Here are some highlights of the new desktop version of VidMob:

Create your company’s new
“Production Department” in seconds.


Invite other team members to join you.


Manage the roles and privileges of your team.


Create new projects in seconds.


Upload media with ease, no matter where it lives.


Manage your project assets in a single place.


Create brand asset repositories.
Chat privately with other team members.
Access VidMob’s libraries of licensed music, stock video clips,
motion graphics, and more.


Browse curated pools of professional post-production experts.


Collaboratively review drafts of your video, and respond
with color & time-coded feedback.


A single dashboard to manage all of your team’s
video production.



As I said earlier, we know that there are bugs. Our team is small, but we punch above our weight. We will find them, and we will fix them. In our usual spirit of transparency, we have included links on the homepage dashboard of the desktop version to all of the latest Release Notes, so that you can see the features/bugs that we are working on, and what we have fixed already. There is also a link on the homepage to a form where you can let us know about new bugs or features that you’d like to see added to the list.

Visit the New VidMob Desktop Here:

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