3 Reasons You Need Your Videos on Facebook

If you’re on the fence about using Facebook to share the video content your team works tirelessly to create, then we’ve got three solid reasons (that you can take to directly to your CMO) for why it’s time to get set up on Facebook.

Here’s Maxwell with Our Three Reasons:

 1.   Facebook’s Algorithm Has a Thing for Video:

Video + Facebook = true, true love. Facebook recently redesigned their algorithm to favor native video posts above photo, links, and plain text: 135% greater organic reach to be exact.

Why Video Gets “Best in Show”

Because Facebook understands the power of video and how it’s changing the way we communicate. Naturally, Facebook is concerned with their user’s experience—each time a user logs in, Facebook’s algorithm helps to ensure that users get served the most engaging content (i.e. video) each and every time.

2.   Facebook’s Social Superlative? Most Popular

Not only does video straight up perform better on Facebook, but Facebook is the largest social platform around, with over 1.7 billion active users that generate over 8 billion video views daily. With that size of an engaged audience, you’d be crazy not to take advantage.

Why Your Posts Get Best Possible Reach

One word: audience. Not only does Facebook have the largest amount of visitors (i.e. more people to get your message in front of), it also allows you to target that audience in incredibly exact ways. So getting your message in front of the largest, yet most specific group possible is 100% do-able.

3.   Facebook Isn’t Exclusive

Unlike some other social media channels, Facebook isn’t overly restrictive on who can pay to play. In fact, you can set up a company Page for free and begin uploading your video content right away.

Why It’s Easy & Affordable to Get Started

In addition to starting a company Page, starting a Facebook Ad Account is equally as easy to push live. Plus, it opens up many more doors for that super-specific targeting we mentioned earlier. Simply set your budget and audience, upload your video ad unit, and let Facebook do all the hard work of placement, timing, and promoting for you.

At this point, it (almost) goes without saying that Facebook is a huge asset to any video or social marketing strategy. You put a lot of thought and effort into the video content you’re creating—so take it that one, big step further and give it the best possible audience around.

Not creating video just yet, but inspired and excited to get started? Here are our favorite tips for creating awesome content, plus the best ways to find a great video editor with VidMob.



  1. Facebook gave me hell about posting a beautiful video one of your very good editors did because I wanted the song Angels on the video that Robin Thicke sings and they took it off and gave me a warning telling me that I was not allowed to post videos with other people’s songs. So how do you share a video you had made by Vid mob of it has a special song you like on it? Thanks! Elizabeth Giambelluca uniquedesigns61@gmail.com (504) 218-6638

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      We’re sorry to hear you had trouble sharing your VidMob video! Unfortunately, there are strict rules surrounding music copyright and fair-use that we here at VidMob can’t control. It’s important to keep in mind that while it’s perfectly okay to have someone else’s song in a video for personal use (that you share privately with family and friends), posting it in a public space has different rules and regulations that are dependent upon the channel you post to. If you know you want to share your videos on social media and are concerned about copyright, let your editor know. Your editor can select music from our royalty-free library that is free to use and fair game to post anywhere! Give them some direction about the style or genre of music you’re hoping for (i.e. “something pop-sounding, like Angels by Robin Thicke”) and they can find a song (or songs) that’s similar.

      I hope this helps to answer your question! And, as always, if anything else comes up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@vidmob.com.

      Team VidMob

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