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Brands, publishers, and agencies are churning out an insane amount of content every. single. day. Just how much? Enough that today’s adult consumes an average of 10 hours and 39 minutes of content daily (bump that number up to 17.8 hours if we’re talking millennials).

So how do you get your target audience to use some of their almost-11 hours worth of daily content consumption on the pieces your brand shares online?


And if you’re creating video, you’re already ahead of the game.

Watch or read below to see just how effective video can be in your SEO and content marketing strategy:

First things first, SEO is just as important for your written content as it is for your videos. With YouTube second only to Google in largest daily search activity, preparing your video content for proper SEO is a flat out essential.

So here’s a quick de-brief on a few must-haves for improving the searchability of your video content:


Before you draft anything, know what your keywords are. While it’s still a bad idea to craft keyword-heavy titles, tags, and descriptions, you’ll want to make sure you include keywords where they count. Like in your…


Be sure to use your the keyword that best clues potential viewers into your topic. Be as specific as possible so as not to draw the attention of those not in your target audience (and who will likely be disappointed your content doesn’t hold the answers they’re after). For example: If you’re a men’s lifestyle magazine, you’d be better off to title your video “Top Winter Fashion Trends for Men,” instead of “Winter Trends”—which could refer to a whole bunch of different topics!


Here is where you’ll want to showcase a handful of keywords that can extend the reach of your piece. Whereas your title is super-specific to the content itself, the tags can help you cast a wider, smarter net. To use the men’s lifestyle example, you might also want to include a few terms more specific to your exact audience(s), like: “hipster,” “young professional,” “eco-friendly,” or other popular keywords that distinguish which trends your previewing.


The key to a good description is to be utterly and completely straightforward. Again, avoid keyword-bombing here. The point is to use smart, helpful language to tell your viewer what they can expect from watching the video—but do so in a way that doesn’t give them the full picture so they’re still enticed to watch.


People choose with their eyes. Relying on the auto-generated thumbnails from video hosting sites like YouTube can seriously limit options to put your video’s best foot forward. Instead, thoughtfully prepare a compelling thumbnail to draw a potential viewer in—or, in the case of sites like Vimeo, choose a shot directly from the video preview.

So how does a properly SEO-formatted video help your content strategy?

1)   It doubles your search results.

Video accounts for 62% of all searches each year. Which means, if you don’t have a video component for your written content, you’re cutting your opportunity to get seen by more than half.

2)   It improves your SERP ranking.

Having video on your homepage boosts your likelihood of appearing on first-page results by 53x.

3)   Results in lower bounce rates.

If you embed your videos to your site, blog posts, etc. (and they’re super engaging), you’ll encourage viewers to stick around on your site for a lot longer than if they were to simply scan and scroll.

4)   Leads to more quality backlinks.

People are 4 times more likely to share video than any other content type. And the more quality backlinks and shares? The higher your content ranks in search.

5)   Perfect for social.

And to piggyback off of point #4, if you boost the visibility of your video by sharing it on social media (where video engagement outperforms any other form of content), you’ll raise those backlinks, views, and other important SEO factors even higher.

And while this is not a comprehensive list of all the things you can do to fully optimize your video SEO game, it’s undoubtedly a great place to start.

Got more video SEO or content marketing advice you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below, drop us a line at, or on any of our social media channels: @VidMob on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
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