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Upon launching our beta of VidMob Desktop, we’ve received an encouraging amount of feedback and suggestions. With each feature release and improvement, we hope to make our platform its absolute best for you and your team. And while the feature list is still growing (but very much in-progress!), we’re happy to say we can cross off these three from the wish list:

1.   Notify Your Favorite Editor*

Let’s say you just made a new project and were excited to work with an editor from your Favorite Editors list (currently accessible only in the iOS app). But there’s an issue—your favorite editor isn’t showing up in your bid selection!


Now you can easily send your favorite editor a message, letting them know to place a manual bid on your project if they’re interested in taking on the work. How easy is that?


Not sure how to favorite an editor on iOS? Here’s a quick refresher:

–     Find editors to favorite in the MobFeed.


–    And manage your list of Favorite Editors from your Profile.


*This feature is temporarily unavailable for enterprise clients with custom editor pools.

2.   Request Final Project Files & Extra Assets

Sometimes, it’s useful to have access to the different assets or files that make up your final video. Once requested, editors can share these files or custom assets with you on the Project Home screen. Once added, they’re made available for download under the new folder labeled “Project Assets.”


Because this is a special feature, it is available only for enterprise clients. Interested in features like these? Try a VidMob enterprise solution today.

3.   Download Drafts

Now, when a project is complete, you can easily download any or all of your project’s different drafts from the Draft Preview screen.


In the meantime, we hope that these features will help to make your lives a little bit easier as we continue to build and expand upon the VidMob platform.

And if you have any suggestions for new or improved features you’d like to see, write to us! We love hearing from you:

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