Editor Update: What’s New in 2017!

Hello, editors!

We have several big additions to our Edit Suite so far in 2017, and we want to take a moment to explain each of them:

Folder Support for File Management

We now support folders in a project’s source media. This will simplify how media is organized and transferred while maintaining the original file structure. You can then batch all of the media together into one zip file to quickly get started on your project.

Pro Tip: If you choose to put everything together in one zip file, we highly recommend using a download manager like Chrono Download Manager for Chrome or XDM. If your internet connection gets interrupted, you will be able to easily resume the download from where you left off. If you have any troubles, please feel free to reach out to support@vidmob.com.

Hours Per Draft

Now, when you upload a draft, you’ll be prompted to input the number of hours you spent working on that draft. This will not replace the end-of-project survey, but ensures that we have more accurate information on the work that goes into different post-production services.

Final Assets

On the Completed page, you’ll find the Final Assets button. Clicking this will prompt you to add any project files (ex. .prproj, .aep, etc…) and any additional source media found from the Source Media tab. If a client prematurely closes out a project only to realize they need changes when you’re unavailable, having these final assets allow for the client to easily make any changes.

Improved Source Media Bundling

You will now have a status indicator letting you know how far along you are in the process of bundling your source media. You can also see which zip each individual file is in and the ability to bundle any new files that have been added to the project. If you receive any errors, please reach out to us at support@vidmob.com.

Non-Video Drafts

You can now upload non-videos, such as .gifs and music files, as project drafts. If you have a few pieces of music you want the client to sample or a first pass at a particular graphic, you can now upload the music or image files directly to your client’s project for review. These will not count toward the draft limit on a project and are a great way to ensure that you’re on the right path.

If you have any questions about how to use these new features, please reach out to us at support@vidmob.com.

Keep cutting, editors!


Get Organized with Project Media Folders & Video Type

A lot goes into creating great video. We know that all too well. In fact, that’s why we built VidMob in the first place—to help alleviate some of the unnecessary and hair-raising effort disguised as “part of the process.” But even with a tech boost, one thing will never change when it comes to successful video creation: staying organized.

Which is why we’re happy to introduce two new features to help you and your video projects stay on track and easy to manage: Project Media Folders and Video Types.


Most of those who work in or with video know how important the power of folders can be. Without them, making heads or tails of all the media files you’re working with can be, well, exhausting.

So we’ve built three important folder features into the VidMob platform to help make your life simple and synchronized:

1) Drag & Drop Folder Upload Using Chrome

Already have a system in place to keep your project files neat and tidy? Well, as they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Using Chrome, simply drag and drop your folders as-is, and VidMob will maintain that same organizational structure within your VidMob project.

2) Folder Creation

Need to establish a customized organizational structure for your project? Quickly create new folders and directly upload any relevant media. This feature is also available via the VidMob App.

3) Folder & Media File Organization

Need multiple folders? Want to move individual files or entire folders? Create, manage, and reorganize your folder structures to best suit your project’s needs.

For more on how Project Media Folders work, check out our how-to.


A key component to staying organized is to make sure you and your team are on the same page. Which is why we created video types: a drop-down menu for specific enterprise clients that have unique video type needs, like creating Snap Ads or projects with overnight turnaround.

By selecting a video type that applies to your project, you establish precise expectations between you and your VidMob creator. This helps to ensure your project comes out exactly as you envisioned. Bye, bye confusion!

Added bonus? Selecting a video type will also pre-select all necessary Additional Services to create that video type. So you can more quickly navigate through the Project Creation flow, without worrying about selecting the skills you need to get the project complete.

For more on how Video Types work, check out our how-to.

Interested in enterprise-only features like video types? Reach out to us at partnersupport@vidmob.com to create your VidMob Enterprise account today.

As you work with these new features, we’d love to hear your feedback: drop us a line at support@vidmob.com or share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

App Install Ads Now Available on Snapchat Campaign Manager

In the world of mobile, advertising on Snapchat is no small fry for capturing attention. Point in case: the average Snapchat user spends 25-30 minutes per day in the app. That’s essentially a primetime sitcom episode, except watched on mobile. And with over 150 million tuning in daily, you’ve got the makings of one serious audience for capturing meaningful app downloads through powerful ad creative.

Run App Install Ads on Snapchat with VidMob

We’re excited to announce that we’ve enabled the App Install ad type in our Snapchat Campaign Manager. Now, any brand can create and run sharp, influential App Install Snap Ads to reach that in-demand mobile audience.

Whether you need new creative for your App Install Snap Ad or have something ready to go, VidMob can get your ad up and running in just a few clicks. Here’s how it works:

1. Start with Your Snap Ad Creative

Need a VidMob creator to cut Snap-approved creative? Hire a creator with VidMob.
Already have content that meets Snap specs? Let’s start your campaign.

2. Set Up Campaign Parameters

Enter all necessary campaign, spend, and targeting details to reach your ideal audience.

3. Launch & Monitor

Launch your campaign and watch how your ad performs. Not hitting your goals? Send the creative back to the marketplace to find a Snap-approved creator who can edit for optimal performance.

For more on VidMob’s Campaign Manager and what Ad Types we support, take a peek at our Snap Ad announcement or visit our Snap Ads FAQs.

Find out how you can get started running App Install Ads on VidMob today. It’s quick and easy to sign up!