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For many of our editors who’ve been with us since the beginning, the request for an easier way to communicate with clients while on-the-go has been imminent. And we’re excited to say that day is now here…

The Edit Suite Mobile Site!

We built the first installation of the Edit Suite mobile site with quick access to projects and mobile communication in mind.

1) Check In on Projects from Your Phone

Need to double-check a due date? Keeping an eye out for time-sensitive messages? Easily locate all of your active projects via the mobile site’s home screen, to see where things stand.

2) Access Chat while On-the-Go

Before today, the Edit Suite wasn’t optimized for mobile—which often made timely communication tricky for editors who rely on their phones. But now? Our chat feature on the mobile site is as familiar and seamless as sending a text. So you can stay on top of all client communications in order to provide the best possible VidMob experience.

Let Us Know What You Think

Seeing as the Edit Suite mobile site is still in its early stages, we’d love to hear your feedback and feature requests on how we can make future versions even better! Write to us at

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