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draft feedback contributor role

What do you think of when you hear the word “draft”? If it’s endless notes, comments, or iterations (instead of beer menus and happy hour) then this update is for you. We improved our review experience to simplify how your team gives feedback—so you can spend more time sipping drafts than reviewing them.

Your New Draft Review Screen

We added a few new elements to the draft review screen to help improve your ease of navigation and ability to quickly and easily review your team’s comments.

Breadcrumb Trail:

Efficiently navigate through your project structure to identify which draft you’re viewing and for which output or version (if applicable).

Collapse Comments:

Quickly toggle between your team’s feedback for easy approval and a list-view of current contributors—with the option to invite more.

Share Button:

Invite Draft Contributors (i.e. those not involved as Project Collaborators) to view specific drafts and add their comments for approval.

What’s a Draft Contributor?

Unlike a Project Collaborator, Draft Contributors only participate in the draft they were invited to join. Project Collaborators are involved for the entirety of a project.

Similar to Project Collaborators, Project Owners invite Draft Contributors via a unique invitation link. This link will only allow a contributor to view the specific draft associated with the invitation link.

When to Use a Draft Contributor vs. a Project Collaborator

Project Collaborators are ideal for feedback that you’ll need to receive throughout the life of a project. But what if you’re an agency and you don’t want your client to get involved until the project is a few steps away from wrapping up? Simply invite them to join as a Draft Contributor, so they can view and comment on more finalized iterations.

How to Invite Draft Contributors

There are two ways you can invite contributors to provide feedback—plus two ways to modify a contributor’s permissions.

1)   Invite

–   Share by Email

Send a share link via email with a custom message.

–   Share by Direct Link

Generate a unique share link that you can send however best suits you.

2)   Modify Permissions

–   Password Protected:

Worried your draft might get into the wrong hands? Password protect it for an extra layer of security.

–   Disable Comments:

Allow contributors to access a draft for viewing only.

New: Comment Approval

For both Draft Contributors and Project Collaborators, it’s important to make sure too many cooks aren’t stirring things up in the kitchen. To avoid flooding your editor with contradictory feedback, all Project Owners and/or Co-Owners must approve comments before they can be seen by the editor. This way, you can maintain control of the project’s overall vision without too many distractions.

We hope these new features will make draft review as relaxing and fun as it is to knock back a cold one. As always, if you have any feedback on these new features or ideas on how to improve the VidMob experience, write to us!

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