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instagram-innovatin-award-vidmobThis summer, while the team was adventuring in Cannes, we received the exciting news that VidMob was awarded the Instagram Stories Partner Innovation Award for our work with Michael Kors.

We helped connect Michael Kors to a curated pool of Instagram video experts to produce a suite of video assets in just a few days.

Here’s how Michael Kors used VidMob to make it all happen:

The Mission

To herald the debut of their new line of smartwatches, Michael Kors set out to create a breakthrough campaign on Instagram Stories. An insights driven brand, Michael Kors wanted to find out which video creative would resonate most with their fans. They brought on VidMob to develop and optimize a suite of vertical videos which delivered off the charts results and actionable learnings…all in a matter of 3 days.

The Goods: 22 video assets produced in 3 days.


After: The Winning Lineup

1) The 2-second Cut:

2) The 8-second Cut:

3) The 15-second Cut:

The Win

– 10x lift in Brand Favorability
– 4x lift in Brand Recall

Source: Facebook Brand Lift Study

Lastly, many thanks to Michael Kors for choosing to work with us. And many thanks, as well, to VidMob editors Dana Meaux and Vladimir Khodakovsky, who both helped bring this project to life! We are so honored to be an Instagram Marketing Partner, allowing brands like Michael Kors to find creative minds like Dana and Vladimir.


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