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At VidMob, we’re eager to create a platform that is a true solution for our users. And with our growing tech team (we’re hiring!), we’ve been busy ramping up a slew of new features per the supportive feedback we receive from our community. Check out the new additions below:

Draft Update Indicator

This is especially exciting for users that are active in multiple projects. Now, you no longer need to rely on emails to receive a project status update. Instead, we’ll point you to the source with our draft update indicator, highlighting the project in blue.

From there, within your project, we’ll identify the updated draft with a blue dot. You’ll also notice a yellow count, informing you of how many unread comments have been left on that draft.

We hope that this will make managing the draft feedback process more efficient and fluid for you and your team.

Collaboration Manager Update

We have a special section for managing your VidMob Team, so why not provide the same ease when managing your project collaborators? Introducing the new Collaboration Manager Page: where you can easily add, remove, and adjust the roles of any of your project collaborators.

For a refresher on the difference between Team Members, Project Collaborators, and Draft Contributors, check out our post here.

Vimeo Account Sync

Similar to our integration with YouTube, Vimeo users can now link their accounts with VidMob. This allows our Vimeo users quick access to their account videos for use in VidMob projects and for direct publishing to those accounts.

Not only that, linking your Vimeo account eliminates any unnecessary downloading and re-uploading when it comes to accessing your Vimeo videos or publishing to Vimeo. Cheers to less work!

Got great ideas for how we can improve the VidMob experience? Write to us! Know how to bring those ideas to life? We’re hiring.

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