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‘Tis the season to start hunkering down for the holidays. With Halloween around the corner and Thanksgiving soon to follow, the Q4 festivities are fast approaching.

Most of you are likely still in the throws of planning, ever since the sun set on your last Labor Day barbeque. And while all this pre-planning might seem excessive, there’s no better time to be well prepped for audiences than when they’re this highly primed for purchase.

So how do you ensure your message gets heard during such a noisy advertising season? Test before you invest. Now’s the time to craft that expert creative so, come November, you’re ready to diversify, test, and hyper-target. By creating multiple versions of your creative for a small spend test, you’ll quickly learn which messages to use for your bigger spend and more specific targeting.

Not sure what or how much to create? Our VidMob Intelligent Testing Package is the easiest way to quickly prepare a successful campaign this season.

Here’s a sampling of some of the festive work we did for Walmart & World Market during the 2016 holiday season:


– Walmart: Halloween Costumes V. 1
– Walmart: Halloween Costumes V. 2
– Walmart: Halloween Costumes V. 3


– Walmart: Carolers
– Walmart: Activewear
– Walmart: Patti Pie
– World Market: Happy Holidays

Whether you’ve prepared a full-fledged DR campaign or nothing at all, VidMob can help you maximize your promotion efforts to make this season that much cheerier. Get in touch to find out how!

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