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Bonsoir, happy Wednesday, and welcome back! Day three of The Cannes Festival has come to a close. Once again, here’s a glance at some top events and exciting bits that caught our eyes and ears. There’s a lot happening across the world, and two more days still to come! So, without further ado…

No Ferris Wheel? See What Snapchat Is Up to This Year Instead…

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In attempts to top their iconic Ferris wheel of years past, Snapchat is going all out to flex their Cannes-worthy creativity by transforming the Centre D’art La Malmaison into an “immersive audio-video installation” with visual artist Christian Marclay.

The installation, which is titled Snap Stories, is a nod to both Marclay’s signature work, The Clock, and the ephemeral nature of Snapchat’s Story feature. Both explore the nature of content and time—Snapchat’s Stories are threaded, 10-second snapshots that last a day, and Marclay’s The Clock recounts an entire day in one-second clips. Combined, the Snap Stories experience recontextualizes publicly submitted Snaps into five rooms that all play off the concept of sound. Each room has its own unique aesthetic, tone, and vibe, but these were our favorites:

All Together: This room recaps over 400 Snaps sequenced by Marclay himself, which adds up to a four-and-a-half minute orchestra of common, everyday activities, like walking and eating.

The Organ: Invites guests to play on an interactive keyboard, where Snaps are organized by their pitch. Every note played flashes a corresponding image on the screen. In essence, songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb now have their very own visual symphony of Snapchats.

Sound Tracks: Applies the slow-motion filter from Snapchat to turn everyday tools, toys, and activities into sounds reminiscent of horror movies.  Now the simple act of ringing a doorbell or playing the violin all sound akin to a scene from your favorite scary movie.

The exhibition is open (and free!) to all visitors until June 22—go check it out!

Some Clean Winners: LADbible and Plastic Oceans

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Pairing up with AMV BBDO in London, LADbible and Plastic Oceans won the Design Grand Prix for their campaign “The Trash Isles.” The heart of the campaign was a petition to the UN to recognize the growing mass of ocean plastic as an official country. The hope was to not only shine a spotlight on the almost absurd amount of trash accumulating in our oceans but to get world leaders to finally tackle the issue head-on—because recognizing the island of trash as its own country would mean, legally, governments would be required to act and clean it up. To learn more about this inspiring campaign and the 200,000 people recruited to become citizens of the Trash Isles, click here.

Want to see what else the team is up to in Cannes? Here’s how we’re kicking it with our partners:

James, Jerry, Jill, and Jeph (just kidding, Steph) snap a few filtered pics at the Snapchat Booth. Basic and beautiful, team!

When a client asks if VidMob can produce stellar Instagram Stories in 24 hours:

James rolling up to the Cannes afterparty like…

When all your friends get laminated, printed name tags and you want to feel included…nice try Greg!

That’s all for now, check back tomorrow for more news, events, and more!

Want to know what happened earlier this week? Check out our recaps from Monday and Tuesday for the scoop.

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