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Salut and à votre santé! Welcome back to VidMob’s premium coverage of all things Cannes. Today is full of celebrities, music, and cocktails! Cheers to that…

Cocktails & Creativity with Pinterest at the Pier!

Today was a super fun day for team VidMob, as we co-hosted hosted a special event with Pinterest at the Pinterest Pier by the iconic Carlton hotel. Appropriately named, “Creativity and Cocktails” brought guests together to chat pierside, while enjoying signature cocktails and enticing Video Pin displays of each cocktail’s recipe.

While guests soaked up the Riveria sun and sipped rosé, a videographer was afoot, capturing event highlights while one of our very own VidMob creators, Hayley Carloni, was at-the-ready to transform the raw footage into a Pinterest-inspired recap of the partygoers. Needless to say, guests were tickled to watch the party unfold mere minutes before it wrapped. It was quite a way to round out the party!

A few highlights from our buzz-worthy fête:

Our cute, clean-cut, and Cannes-ready Pinterest Party begins!

Pinterest’s Michael Akkerman and VidMob co-founder, Jason Donnell, warm up the crowd at the start of the Cocktails & Creativity event—of course with drink in hand!

Joline steals some time in the shade to enjoy a cocktail away from the Riveria’s hot sun.

VidMob creator, Hayley, gets a room with a view to work her creative magic and produce the event recap!

Cannes Abuzz with News of IGTV Launch

While festival-goers at Cannes relaxed by the beach, news broke of Instagram’s new addition to the family: IGTV, an app for long-form vertical video. Needless to say, it’s been a hot topic at the pier parties since the announcement was made late Wednesday evening at an event in San Francisco.

What’s everyone fussing about? Well, unlike typical video apps, where you must actively search for content, IGTV was designed to accommodate a more passive experience. Akin to channel surfing on a television (remember those?), IGTV hopes to engage audiences looking to deepen their interests, through content like cooking shows, while still maintaining personal relationships that come with social-first platforms like Instagram.

While IGTV remains separate from the Instagram we know and love, it’s still prominently accessible in the top-right navigation of its parent app. Unsurprisingly, folks at Cannes are quite excited about this fresh opportunity to flex their creative muscles and reach new audiences.

The Space Between Brand and Art

When you’ve got Spike Jonze directing your new product ad, expect great things. Apple impressed yet again by winning the Grand Prix in Entertainment Lions for their mind-bending campaign featuring the Apple HomePod. Created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab and titled “Welcome Home,” the short film featured dancer FKA Twigs and blends the boundaries between art and product awareness in truly innovative ways.

Fueled by the song “Til It’s Over” by Anderson .Paak, Apple transforms the mundane of everday life into a limitless world of imagination and creative expression that seems only possible thanks to HomePod. Lori Feldman, EVP of strategic marketing at Warner Bros. Records USA comments on the piece: “It [was] an extremely complex film to make. The craft is undeniable […] Most importantly, for this category, the brand is at the center of the action in such a simple and unique way. It’s merely one sentence spoken to the HomePod that changes her entire world.”

You can watch the captivating advertisement here.

Another big Win for Apple:

Apple also won an award for Jay-Z’s new music video “Smile,” dedicated to his mother. One things for sure, it’s a good day at Cannes for the multinational technology company!

Still wanting more? Catch our recaps from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, plus stay tuned—tomorrow brings yet another day of full Cannes coverage. Check back tomorrow for all things Friday and all things Cannes!

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