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What a week it’s been! June 22 marks the last day of the Cannes festival and this will wrap our daily coverage.  It’s been fun. We sipped lots of rose, talked all things video and commemorated a new and very special partnership with Pinterest. Without further adieu, here’s your daily dose of Cannes…

Panel Picks:

Tencent: Creating Exceptional Experiences for One Billion Users

Yesterday, Tencent, one of the top public gaming companies in the world, took the Cannes stage to talk about redefining the meaning of connectivity. The Chinese-based brand discussed how people all over the world desire to be interconnected. To help facilitate this connectivity, Tencent argues that brands, media, and services must transform their way of thinking in order to adapt to the user and their digital experience. SY Lau, Tencent Senior Executive VP, pulled back the curtain on how this mentality led to the overall success of Tencent as a company and informed many of their tactics and strategies.

So how does Tencent successfully create knock-out experiences for a billion users?  SY Lau boils it down to four core values:

1.   The Founder’s Spirit: Recognizing, acknowledging, and honoring the original core values of the company embodied and originally brought forth by its creators.
2.   An Open Platform Mindset: Identifying a company’s limitations in order to feed the industry ecosystem in a healthy way.
3.   Digital Level: Supporting others within the industry. Tencent revealed how they teamed up with other companies in China to drive a “new industrial revolution.”
4.   Craftsmanship: To use Lau’s words:

“From the days of our inception, user experience has been the fundamental core value of our company[…]As we evolve and we realize that the devotion to excellent user experience could only be created by an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.”

Want to dive deeper? You can watch the full session here.

What Can Creativity Do?

Perhaps the better question is, what can’t it do? Yesterday, Steve Vranakis, Executive Creative Director at Google Creative Lab, explored the far-reaching applications of creative impact in What Creativity Can Do. Notable examples—like the Assembly Youth Campaign for Syrian refugees and the VR exhibits at the Natural History Museums in London and Berlin—focused on transforming issues like environmentalism and the refugee crisis and how creative explorations of those topics can bring them to light in new, more poignant ways.

A few inspiring snippets from Vranakis’s discussion:

“At Google, we believe in giving superpowers to others. It is the people who will do things and not the other way around.”

“There’s no limit to what creativity can do. Creative people are some of the best people on this planet to help reinvent the planet. Use creativity and imagination for a better future.”

Creativity Top 5: Presented by AdAge

Facebook has teamed up with AdAge to create a weekly video series that covers all things creativity (the buzzword of the week!). Naturally, our favorite was this week’s, which covered the best creative moments that flew under the radar during Cannes. Take a minute to watch the recap here.

À beintôt, Cannes!

From the Palais to the piers, the VidMob team had such an incredible week hanging with our partners and clients, learning about the latest innovations in creativity, exploring the imaginative activations and, of course, throwing a fabulous party with Pinterest. We hope you enjoyed following along. Until next year!

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