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As we learned from our recent study on the State of Social Video, Millennials and Gen Z spend more than half of their time watching video on social apps. The dominant app that occupies 25% of this viewership? YouTube. It gets juicier: YouTube’s year-over-year growth among these groups continues to grow too, by 59% for Gen Z and 46% for Millennials.

What does all this mean for marketers?

Well, for starters, that Millennials and Gen Z aren’t using browsers much anymore. Instead, they’re entering the web through mobile apps, namely YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. This presents an exciting opportunity for marketers to meet audiences where they’re at with stories that bring brands to life.

VidMob Is an Expert on YouTube Ad Creation!

Stuck on what to create to win over Millennials and GenZ on YouTube? Let us know.

Now that we are partnering with the world’s largest video platform, we can’t wait to help even more marketers produce eye-catching creative for YouTube.

Ready to create compelling YouTube videos? Get in touch to see how easy it is to make YouTube ads with VidMob.

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