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Unglaublicher Tag! Karl Bunch, Worldwide Technical Leader at Amazon Web Services took the big stage today at DMEXCO in Cologne, Germany, to share the latest advancements in machine learning applications for creative advertising featuring VidMob’s Agile Creative StudioTM, currently in beta.

What is Agile Creative Studio you ask? It is a solution for the world’s largest brands to develop a suite of social video ads, rapidly analyze which creative details drive results, and instantly turn insights into optimized assets. How is this done? A beautiful blend of human and artificial creative intelligence.

Karl shared a demo of our creative insights platform that we built on top of Amazon’s RekogntionTM technology. We needed to be pinched—it was an amazing moment for us and we are grateful for the recognition (with a C).

For those of you at DMEXCO, visit the AWS booth to see a live demo and hang out with us.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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