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Have you ever stopped to think about what compels you to scroll through newsfeeds or search for updates on social? Odds are it’s because you’re bored. Waiting in line at the grocery store, riding the subway, waiting for your coffee to finish brewingwhatever it is, you’re looking to social for something to fill that empty space. Especially if you were born after the early ’80s.  

In VidMob’s State of Social Video report, we found that at least 40% of younger audiences in the US go on social primarily to kill time. In fact, GenZ is more likely to turn to their phones to keep busy than those “lazy” Millennials. By how much exactly?

Killing Time on Social: How Gen Z Compares to Millennials 

Let’s break it down: 61.5% of Gen Z, as opposed to 56% of Millennials, turn to Instagram first to zap boredom, with Snapchat in a close second with 49.2% of Gen Z and 41.2% of Millennials.

Whether theyre headed to Instagram or Snapchat, one thing remains clear: more and more, younger audiences often look to social for leisurely, laid-back scrolling vs. the traditional active, intentioned behavior of search.

What does all this mean for marketers?

More opportunities to reach these audiences who, presumably, have little else to distract them. Which means marketers are poised for success: the right hook could yank a bored viewer from mindlessly scrolling to becoming actively interested in your brand. 

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