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A handful of the VidMob team spent much of this past week bouncing around downtown LA for this year’s Adobe Max Creativity Conference. We had a blast connecting with our Creator Community and getting the scoop on the latest advancements to Adobe’s creative toolbox.

Below we’ve collected the top three new features that Adobe revealed this week that are serious game-changers for creatives in the video space:

Bye Bye, Rotoscope. Hello, #ProjectFastMask.

To extract people and objects from a scene in a video, editors currently spend hours with their mask, tracing it again and again every few frames. The process is called rotoscoping. To editors, the word alone conjures memories (nightmares) of endless late nights clicking and clicking and, yes, clicking the traced object free from its background. Red Bull anyone?

At this year’s Adobe Max Sneaks, Joon-Young Lee presented a new, faster solution to this time-devouring process. Project Fast Mask uses deep learning technologies to convert a first frame selection in 4HD video and automatically propagates the mask through the video frame-by-frame in real time. Woah, now! Good-looking, fast assets inspire more creative ideas and keep our creative wheel turning.

So Moving, #MovingStills.

This next Sneak is an oxymoron for sure. I’m moved by it, even still. Adobe’s Long Mai presented a solution to bringing stills to life in an entirely new way. Think: Ken Burns effect times a million. Moving Stills transforms any kind of photograph into a ‘live 3D photo’; animating the image into a realistic video clip. The creative technology selects the appropriate camera path as a primary option, and also allows you to explore different camera paths, all with a click of a button. For those of us who love cinemagraphs, this technology takes it to the next level.

Smooth Is Right. #ProjectSmoothOperator

We all know that 16:9 doesn’t just magically convert to a final vertical video ad on its own. It takes a talented editor to make decisions on transitions, motion graphics, and the story arc. Project Smooth Operator will make crafting that edit much more efficient. Cropping action shots will become as simple as uploading a video and clicking on an output format size. The technology identifies the subject and crops intelligently, so no part of the action is missed. Hey hey, can you ‘follow that car’?

Stay tuned next week for more on our time at Adobe Max!

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