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A couple weeks ago, VidMob’s data team took a field trip to see Artificial Intelligence expert, Dr. Kai Fu Lee speak at NYU. Dr. Lee included AI in a somewhat uncommon narrative:

“AI is serendipity,” Lee says.“It is here to liberate us from routine jobs. And it is here to remind us what it is that makes us human.”

Not many share his perspective. Instead, they are reminded of something out of I, Robot. You know, the early 2000s film where technology threatens to surpass human intelligence and compromise our very existence (yikes!).

For Dr. Lee, however, he envisions the opposite. Instead of ruin and destruction, AI serves as the perfect complement to humanity precisely because of what it cannot do: love. Dr. Lee predicts that, as a result, humans will no longer be valued for their IQ or quantitative talents. Instead, they’ll be celebrated for compassion and creativity.

Creativity will become the skill of the future.

Here at VidMob, we’ve always seen the power of human creativity as irreplaceable. So, instead of using computer vision technology and language AI services to replace creative decision-making, we use it to inform the creative process—
helping creatives make artful, strategic choices to produce smart, data-driven content that gets amazing results in less time.

As our founder and CEO, Alex Collmer notes: “Video creators can now understand, for example, how the timing and sizing of text or logos influenced the performance of their creative assets. These types of insights illustrate why we truly believe that the role of AI is to empower and enhance human creativity.”

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