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This year’s 3% Conferencefounded on the premise that only 3% of the industry’s creative director are female—was more than just a celebration of women. It was a call to arms in the name of creativity and diversity. Speaker after speaker, panel after panel, we heard from brilliant women who are braving a new frontier; rewriting the rules and redefining our industry.

My top three takeaways:

1.   Human creativity must be nourished.  

Creators think and work differently, and creativity benefits tremendously from diversity. Organizations must create environments that nurture diverse thought.

2.   Women are pretty badass.   

The stats were jaw-dropping—companies run by women are more successful, female investors are more profitable, and don’t even get me started on superhero moms! The last time my heart swelled with this kind of lady pride was at VidMob’s Creativist event in NYC, where we, together with three other industry innovators, brought together women who are breaking glass ceilings and taking names.

3.   Fixing the industry will take giant leaps, not baby steps.  

Massive innovation is required to turn the 3% conference into the 53% conference. And that will take people who are brave enough to proclaim audacious goals and—in the words of Wild Fang founder Emma McIlroy—be a “yeah, maybe” instead of a “yeah, right” organization.

At VidMob, we believe that when creators thrive, business thrives. We are on a mission to evolve creativity for the better by creating a million jobs for creators of all kinds. By building the most diverse, talented, and agile creative community in the world, VidMob is, in the words of advertising maven Cindy Gallop, redesigning the system. Hopefully, we are doing our part to put the 3% conference out of business. Because when we redesign the system to put humans and values first, everyone wins.

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