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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for marketers. That special season when everyone seems to be seeking (yes, seeking!) an opportunity to make a purchase. Ads are embraced in feed with the hopes of sparking a great gift idea, and shoppers are primed for purchase with Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching.

Truly ’Tis the Season! The stats don’t lie:

    48% of consumers say they will spend the same or more as last year on holiday gifts (PwC, “2018 Holiday Outlook”).

   Instagram will drive 51% more traffic to retail sites over last year (Salesforce, “Holiday 2018 Predictions”)

   59% of shoppers purchase most or all of their gifts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (Basaarvoice, “Unwrap Consumer Inisghts for Your Best Holiday Season”).

To help advertisers take advantage of this season’s demand, we collaborated with Stitcher Ads and put together the ultimate guide for last-minute tips to light up your holiday creative. Below you’ll find a few of our favorites.

Four tips to make your holiday creative merry & bright:

1.   Holiday gifts to GIFs.

Give your audience the GIF that keeps on giving this holiday season. Add lightweight motion to your product shots to catch eyes and stop thumbs. Animated GIFs, cinemagraphs, 2.5D parallax effects—even the slightest touch will help keep audiences from scrolling.

2.   Stock & stack.

Take full advantage of the vertical screen to tell your holiday Stories by stacking videos and splitting screens. Even in a 6-second ad, there is still time to show off all of your amazing visuals by creating a fast-paced Tetris of content that audiences will view all the way through.

3.   Deck the feed.

Deck the social halls with different versions of your holiday story, and then optimize in real time to maximize video performance as Christmas nears. With a logo move here and a CTA change there, tiny adjustments can make for merrier engagement.

4.   Let it slow, let it glow, let it flow.

Play with video speeds, color, and kinetic text to stop the scroll on your holiday products. Highlighting effects, slow motion or reverse, and animated typography help make your brand stand out on social and keeps audiences hungry for more.

Want more reasons to celebrate this season? Get the full guide for all ten tips and strategies you can check off your list this holiday.

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