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While most were discussing the latest gadgets and innovations at this year’s CES, we were struck by the number of conversations about creativity. Turns out that the more things change (yes, even with folding screens and 5G), the more they stay the same: no matter the medium, you can’t escape the need for quality creative.  

More to the point, it seemed that this was the year brands and platforms embraced the fact that performance optimization means more than media optimization. Budget and targeting are important, but it’s creative that drives performance more than anything else.

One by one, our conversations tended to align around the shared idea that data is academically interesting. However, data you can react to with improved creative that performs better is actually useful. Without action, data is useless.

Creative Is Essential for Campaign Success

Platforms have known this for quite some time. Better creative consistently gets better results. Naturally, encouraging brands to produce excellent content is important for platforms—engaging, shareable creative is what keeps both marketers and audiences satisfied with social (the ultimate win-win). And, based on our chats at CES, it seems that brands are catching on. Creative is a real priority in 2019. But, for many, the same questions remain: what does my audience want on social; why do they want it; and how will creating it earn performance success?

With VidMob’s Agile Creative Studio, we hope to make answering those questions a little easier. Because when you can confidently understand what creative elements impact performance, you can quickly build content that as effective as it is entertaining.

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