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Bye, Ultraviolet

It’s been real, Ultra Violet, but it’s time for a change. Say hello to Living Coral, the 2019 Pantone color of the year. In a sea of blue screens, this vibrant color gives us the warmth of Spring all year long. You can be sure to see this playful color popping up in stores, advertisements, and your friends’ instagram.

Created by Kayla Elorza

In our never-ending quest to study color,
the VidMob creative team recently took a trip to The Color Factory, an interactive exploration of color. The exhibit aims to connect color with memorable experiences and demonstrate the impact of color on our senses. With each new room we interacted through sound, touch, taste, and of course sight. 

Just as color impacts our physical experiences, color also impacts our digital experiences. As brands fight for consumer’s online attention, color becomes a silent communicator. Without saying a word, color can tell your viewers the tone (playful, serious, sullen), highlight and bring attention to your key message, and ultimately create brand recognition. For example, the following colors are instantly recognizable by any active internet user.

Live in Full Color

Keeping this in mind, color in digital experiences should be approached from both an emotional and strategic motivation. How does it make our viewers feel and how can we make viewers remember us? Most importantly, have fun with it. No one wants to be stuck in black and white. 

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