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It’s easy to forget that Valentinus had a day job. In fact, he enjoyed what he did so much they made him a Saint. While we don’t normally associate work with Valentine’s Day, it gives us a good excuse to recognize what we love about the people we work with and what they love about working at VidMob.

In a recent company survey, we asked our people to give their feedback on what we’re doing right and what we should improve.  Of course, there are things we can and should be doing better, but it was clear there were lots of areas our people loved about VidMob. People love the company culture, supportive management, and collaborative environment. Below are some quotes that highlight those elements.

What we love about VidMob…

Flexbility to work where you’re most productive:

“I had to do some programming and my boss said it was totally ok if I needed to work from a cafe and expense coffee so I could focus. I got it done and my boss was very pleased.”

– Anonymous (but probably one of our programmers).

Celebrating our wins as a team:

“When employees from various offices jumped on a Google Hangout to celebrate a revenue milestone.”

– Anonymous (but probably someone that owns stock in Google).

Making a true impact:

“I dont care to be publicly acknowledged, but throughout my time here I’ve been personally thanked by many people and at many different events. In front of everyone and behind closed doors. Rarely do you get honest acknowledgment that you are providing an impact. Most recently we had a company outing, and our upper management went on to tell the story of our company to-date. It called out nearly everyone’s individual contribution. A great place to work relies on having great people to work with. Something you take for granted sometimes when you’re in the thick of the day-to-day.”

– Anonymous (could be anyone really).

Work doesn’t feel like work:

“I was upset when I thought a flight might make me miss work. Whereas at my past company, I would have been excited to miss work.”

– Anonymous (but someone that cuts it a little too close).

Hanging at company offsites:

“Our offsite. It was fun, heartfelt, and provided a chance to connect people with different backgrounds and perspectives.”

– Anonymous (but it was probably BK).

Being more than just another cog in the wheel:

“It was really within the first month of working herewhen it was clear that not only everyone was valued here, but that they were rewarded with more experience. Which for me personally is invaluable.”

– Anonymous (and highly valued).

With all the love flying around this Valentine’s Day, we feel extra grateful to work with such creative, heartfelt people—a team who genuinely loves showing up each day for themselves, for each other, and for the exciting work we get to do.

From our company to yours, happy Valentines Day 🙂


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