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Yesterday, Snap gathered its top developers and partners to share exciting product announcements. The company’s inaugural Partner Summit was hosted at The Lot Studio in West Hollywood. Snap transformed an otherwise spartan maze of soundstages into a magical world of rainbows and bitmoji raves. It was a masterfully planned event with an army of shiny, happy Snap staffers on hand to demo new games and AR experiences. Evan Spiegel hung around all day, mingling with guests and their Bitmoji alter egos. And that rascal ghost got flirty.

We live-tweeted the keynotes by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Ben Schwerin, Vannessa Guthrie, Will Wu, Luke Muscat, and John Ima so check out our feed for the play-by-play. Also highly recommend Digiday’s Tim Peterson’s CheatSheet, here.

For me, there were three overarching themes:

    • AR is here, there and everywhere.
    • Premium content is designed for the platform.
    • App interoperability empowers creative expression in all facets of our lives.

The announcements focused on next-gen lens capabilities, original content programming (episodics and games), and APIs that enable third-party apps to display Snap Stories and Ads. As a Lens Studio partner, we were most excited about developments on that front. Snapchat users will soon be able to augment way more than facial appearances. Our hands will be able to shoot fireballs and we’ll be able to do the running man while juggling rainbow bagels. Our pets will be able to wear couture and we can insert blood moons and super blooms into our Psych 101 lecture hall. And when that gets old (never?) you can use the Snapchat camera to create Landmarkers and turn the iconic Flatiron Building into a piece of pizza and the Eiffel Tower into a Transformer.

And like everyone else at the summit, we queued up to do the Jaunt demo where we met our digital selves. Our CEO, Alex Collmer, got jiggy with it.

If you’re a brand that likes to be first, drop us a line so we can get you started with a first-of-its-kind lens.

Also really interesting to us was the news about Snap Audience Network. Snap will sell ads that show up inside other mobile publishing and game apps. It will be interesting to see what creative executions work best, those with native Snap elements or more generic vertical videos. As an official Snap Creative Partner, we’re here to help brands figure that out.

The New Commercial

Snap is going big on Commercials, 6-second unskippable ads that will run in games and original shows. For Games, the Commercials will become rewards or incentives to unlock points and exclusive content. Brands seem to be loving this quid pro quo approach, as users opt in to promotional messages.


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