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VidMob just became a little more stylish this week.

On Wednesday, we partnered with The Accessories Council to host a breakfast discussion with their members at VidMob HQ. We had a productive conversation on maximizing mobile video through creative intelligence, specifically in the fashion, retail, and beauty spaces.

We introduced attendees to six creative functions that marketers may not be considering when building engaging mobile video ads.

Six Considerations for Mobile Video

1.  Gaze: Eye gaze gives us a cue as to who is being addressed and conveys information about our environment. If you have talent in your ads, it’s important to consider the effects of a direct or indirect gaze.

2.  Text Density: The amount and size of copy in a single frame impacts how audiences perceive your key message. The optimal amount of text varies by advertiser type and format, but, generally, the average audience can read three words per second.

3.  Sentiment: The expression or attitude conveyed by talent has the potential to frame the mood of the entire ad. A smile versus a smirk makes all the difference.

4.  Emphasis Words: We identify emphasis words by using automatic speech recognition and computer vision capabilities to calculate the word communicated most frequently or taking up the most space.

5.  Logo Placement: Knowing when to deliver your logo is crucial to ensuring your branding is clear and that your work is as effective as possible.

6. Product Proof: Demonstrating the item is an easy way for viewers to get a clear understanding of your product.

We had a blast discussing these functions with the Accessories Council and wanted to spread the wordsharing is caring! Our Creative IntelligenceTM tool can track the effectiveness of all of these functions to help you crush your future video ads.


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