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This year’s Google I/O Conference was packed with exciting announcements from AR in Google Maps to making art with AI to smart strategies for growing your app business. Another biggie was about Google’s new App preferred creative partners program, which I’m thrilled to share VidMob is officially a part of. Through this program, Google is connecting advertisers with a select group of trusted partners who can help up-level their creative assets for Google App campaigns.  

Creative is one of the most influential variables when it comes to campaign performance. Well-designed ads are bespoke to platform, ad type, and format with the right balance of graphical elements, text, branding, and sound. Most brands find creative decision making to be stress-inducing. Creative is so subjective, so layered, and it’s impossible to know which visual details are making a difference. Until now.

Google’s designation of VidMob as a Google App preferred creative partner means that our advertisers will be able to tap into cutting-edge creative production and insights, enabling expert creators to turn around better ads and improve live campaigns for app advertisers. No more of this wait six weeks for a post-mortembusiness.

The app space is becoming increasingly competitive: every day it seems a new ad format is released, new content channels launch, and app discovery becomes more maze-like. It’s tough for gaming, publishers, and other app marketers to acquire customers and drive usage. High-quality creative can make the difference between a successful app marketing campaign and an ineffective one. Since no one can predict creative performance, it’s important to develop an array of ad designs. You can learn very quickly which concepts resonate with each audience segment, and then double down.

In terms of new ad formats, there are two new ones that are available as of February of this year. The first is the YouTube home feed ad (image ads on the YouTube homepage), and the second is YouTube’s Full-Canvas in-stream video ads, which offers substantial space below a video ad to include app store information and an image gallery.

When it comes to ad formats and placements across the Google ecosystem, the spectrum of choice is vast. We’re excited about today’s announcement and are here to chat if you’re running campaigns on Google or YouTube.

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