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Google Marketing Live 2019 got underway today. Over 5,000 marketers and agencies from 68 countries descended upon the Moscone Center in San Francisco to be a part of what Googler Katie Hamilton calls the “Super Bowl for Google Ads.” 

For the first time ever, Google made their keynotes available live and on demand, so if you’ve got 8 hours to spare, you can see them all here.

Looking back to last week’s I/O conference and reflecting on all we heard today, there is a clear theme. Helpfulness. As CEO Sundar Pinchai explained at I/O, his vision is to build a more helpful Google for everyone. That vision certainly came across at Marketing Live with a bevy of new ad types, AI-powered audience targeting, and campaign performance insights to simplify life for every kind of advertiser.

With respect to new ad types, Google announced Discovery Ads and Gallery Ads which seem inspired by social news feed ad products. Discovery ads let advertisers tell richer stories with image-based, swipeable carousels. These can be placed across YouTube home feed, Gmail promotions tab, and the feed in Google Discover.

Like Discovery ads, Gallery ads appear as carousels but they live at the top of the search results page. Video versions of these ad types are sure to be nextwe can’t wait! In the meantime, if you want to give image-based Discovery and Gallery ads a try, our creators are all trained up. If you hadn’t heard, VidMob was chosen by Google to be an App preferred creative partner.

Beyond launching new ad formats, Google is offering new ways to find audiences. For so long, AdWords campaigns have been powered by the manual creation of keywords. Google will begin offering audience-based targeting, called “custom audiences” across Google, YouTube, Discovery, Gmail, and other properties. This means you can leverage everything Google knows about users based on their search and click history to find high-intent audiences. This is conceptually similar to Facebook’s Broad Audience Targeting.

Google also revealed new creative tools called the Bumper Machine and Director Mix. These are AI-powered widgets that instantaneously churn out assets to run as bumper ads. Creative is the #1 barrier to running campaigns and Google is trying to make life easier for advertisers who feel stuck not having any ads to run. For brands who prefer human experts to bots, Google launched the App preferred creative partner program which VidMob is a part of. We have a team of trained creators around the world, who help brands make every ad asset they need, bumpers and beyond.

As Joshua Spanier, Sr. Marketing Director, reminded the crowd that creative is the leading indicator of ad performance.

Creative has to be well designed, have emotional resonance and be contextually relevant. If you’re needing really great creative for your next Google campaign, let’s chat.

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