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Excited to see what the world’s leading creatives and innovators have been up to this past year? With the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity right around the corner, VidMob is preparing to provide coverage for the full week. Starting Monday, be sure to check back here at the end of each day for our recaps of the top sessions, activations, and other news.

In the meantime, we’ve outlined some of the themes and speakers we are most excited about this year.

Re-Imagining Storytelling: How technology helps brands tell global stories

For centuries, stories have transcended cultural and societal boundaries to connect individuals across the world. What has changed, however, are the ways in which we share and experience these stories. Creative production has advanced tremendously with the rise of new and updated technologies, like artificial intelligence. Audiences can now engage with content within virtual and physical environments to be a part of the story that advertisers share.

Who & What We’ll Cover

This year at Cannes, several speakers, including Scott Belsky from Adobe, Debbie Millman from Design Matters and Adam Cutler from IBM, will be discussing this theme. Return for our Monday recap to catch the highlights from “How to Future-Proof Creativity” and Wednesday’s “Designing for Dialogue: The AI-Fueled Relationship Age.

Embracing Equality, Inclusion, and Diversity: How building an inclusive team improves creative output

This year, Cannes is emphasizing the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive work environment for those in marketing and creative industries. Results show teams consisting of individuals across various backgrounds and experiences, help marketers and creators produce unbiased, unique, and informed content.

Who & What We’ll Cover

We’re excited to see this theme brought forward in Monday’s “Beyond Diversity and Inclusion Lies the Ultimate Creative Environment,” hosted by Luciana Carvalho Se, Charlie Lyons, and Kate Rand from Beyond. We’ll also be covering Tuesday’s “Getting Intersectionality In Advertising Right,” hosted by Xanthe Wells from Google, Berta de Pablos-Barbier from Mars Wrigley, and Evin Shutt from 72andSunny.

Proving the Value of Creativity: Marrying Data + the Big Idea

Creativity has been a buzzword these days. So, what does it really mean to be creative and how do we measure its value? This year’s speakers will be discussing the challenges that creatives face, how they can overcome these obstacles, and how technology is expanding the frontier of creative possibilities.

Who & What We’ll Cover

We will be tuning into include Tuesday’s “Wake up with the Economist,” featuring Andréa Mallard from Pinterest, John Rudaizky from EY, and Karin Timpone from Marriott International. We will also be checking out Thursday’s “Unleash AI for Creativity – a Totally New Campaign Planning Method,” featuring Jari Lähdevuori, Tommi Opas and Elli Tuominen from Kurio.

Creative organizations: How to withstand and adapt to cultural shifts

The lifespan of creative content grows shorter by the day. As a result, organizations constantly need to develop new content fasterand better. Marketers and creators have to adapt to high-speed turnarounds or risk losing their audience’s attention.

Who & What We’ll Cover

Speakers covering this theme will be discussing ways in which creative organizations can adapt to these rapidly changing circumstances. Look out for Tuesday’s “Building An Army of Super Creatives,” featuring Bas Korsten from J. Walter Thompson, and Wednesday’s “Do You Have a Second? Oops, Too Late,” featuring Andrew Robertson from BBDO Worldwide.

What’s Next:

No surprise, this year’s lineup is chock-full of some of the most inspiring speakers and guests. Check back here and follow along on social for daily updates on what’s happening in Cannes. Until next time, au revoir!


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