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Its finally here! The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has officially kicked off. As promised, we have today’s highlights, including some of our favorite sessions and our CEO’s workshop with You & Mr. Jones’ Founder about social good in business. 

Today’s Standout Session:

Expert Views: “Do advertisers need to do more for our visual diet?”

This episode of Expert Views featured Lucy Gulliver, the Client Development Lead for Channel 4, and Dave Rosner, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing at Collab. They began by defining the visual diet as all of the daily content we see on media and tech. Our visual diet, specifically the content we see on social, has a huge impact on our behaviors and feelings. Thankfully, brands are becoming more aware of their impact on audiences’ visual diet and are actively working to trade harmful and objectifying stereotypes in favor of the authentic diversity and uniqueness that reflects a more human reality. Not only does this improve the mood and attitudes of viewers, Gulliver explained, but it also drives real success (beyond just KPIs) for advertisers.

“If you want to create brilliant content…you have to have more diverse voices in the room, you have to have people who come from the background you’re speaking to…” Lucy Gulliver

So, how can brands achieve this? Start within. To create content that resonates across multiple different audiences, those audiences need to be represented in the creators themselves. Gulliver and Rosner emphasize the importance of having diverse and inclusive teams to prevent content from being narrow or one-note and is, instead, informed, one-of-a-kind, and wildly successful.

More Session Highlights

BEYOND: Beyond Diversity and Inclusion Lies the Ultimate Creative Environment

Continuing on the theme of diversity and inclusion were Luciana Carvalho Se, Charlie Lyons, and Kate Rand from Beyond, who discussed Beyonds efforts to help brands and agencies create more positive workplaces. They emphasized that it does not matter how small or large a business isevery business can and should build a diverse and inclusive team. When each individual brings unique talent and perspective to the table, the quality of creative content improves tremendously.

ADOBE: “How to Future-Proof Creativity”

The lifespan of creative content is shrinking by the day, so it is critical that brands learn to adapt to these drastic changes. Debbie Millman from Design Matters and Scott Belsky from Adobe Inc. discussed the importance of boosting brand creativity with the use of new media, such as artificial intelligence and 3D content creation. These and other new technologies will allow brands to create large-scale, original content that will once again capture audience interest and attention.

Stories That Give Back

This afternoon, our CEO, Alex Collmer, spoke with David Jones, founder of You & Mr. Jones and One Young World, about the importance of incorporating purpose into your business model. The two led a workshop on Facebook Beach highlighting the strength of having a giving-based mission. As Jones stated, “The only thing better than a good story, is a story that does good.”

Find out more at, You & Mr. Jones, and One Young World.

That’s a wrap on Day 1! Check back tomorrow for Day 2’s recap and look out for other news and highlights on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.
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