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Day two of Cannes Lions kicked off with more engaging sessions on the future of agencies and the impacts of cultural and technological change. But the best part? Our Pop In at the Whalar gallery, where we got the incredible opportunity to host interviews with members from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. Get the scoop below!

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Today’s Standout Session:

Expert Views: “The future of agencies”

Today’s episode of Expert Views featured Kasha Cacy, CEO of Engine, and Jon Wilkins, Executive Chairman at Karmarama. They put their eye to the future to discuss what’s in store for the agencies and advertising industry. And while many are anxious about what’s to come, Cacy, Wilkins, and Karmarama remain enthusiastically optimistic.

“This is an expansive time for [agencies], not something to be scared of.” — Jon Wilkins

Wilkins and Cacy predict that as creative agencies begin to evolve with the changing advertising landscape, more—not fewer—opportunities will present themselves. Their predictions? New roles as well as new outlets for content creation. This will allow creatives to grow beyond the limitations of working for a traditional or smaller agency.

“Technology has made pretty much anything possible. Anything you can imagine now, you can make happen.” — Jon Wilkins

How will this all become possible? Wilkins underscored the trajectory of how technological advancements have continued to expand creative possibilities. With new and updated technology, creative data, and other advancements in creative mediums,  agencies can develop more engaging, immersive, meaningful, and effective content for clients.

“If you can see a way to accelerate the visibility of your ideas and create canvases for creatives to play at a higher level…you jump at it. ” — Jon Wilkins

Wilkins and Cacy both agree that this is a very exciting time for creatives. Both small and large agencies are evolving towards a future where the creative playing field is bigger, better, and smarter.

More Session Highlights

Wake up with the Economist

This session featured three leading global CMOs, including Andréa Mallard from Pinterest, John Rudaizky from EY, and Karin Timpone from Marriott International. They discussed how the creative and marketing industries are undergoing significant cultural and technological change. Because of these changes, audiences have higher expectations for creative content. They want it to be meaningful. Marketers have always had the power to influence business, but now they have the power to influence society. With such power comes huge responsibility. All three speakers agreed that by embracing and adapting to these changes, marketers can positively impact not just their audiences, but society as a whole.

The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media presents: “Getting Intersectionality in Advertising Right”

Xanthe Wells from Google, Evin Shutt from 72&Sunny, and Berta de Pablos-Barbier from Mars Wrigley revealed findings from a recent study on gender and intersectionality representation in global advertising. Turns out, when brands embrace inclusion, equality, and diversity, while improving representation, the positive returns impact more than just audiences for the better.

Pop In with the Experts

Today, VidMob set up a Pop In at the Whalar Influencer Marketing Gallery to chat with industry experts from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. Our Founder and CEO, Alex Collmer, spoke with guests about favorite moments at Cannes Lions, new industry trends, and exciting company updates, especially in the realm of mobile video.  Interested in hearing these conversations? We recorded each session, so stay tuned for the full interview series!

That’s all for today, be sure to check back tomorrow for Wednesday’s highlights! In the meantime, look out for other news on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.
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