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Welcome back! While some of team VidMob has packed up to return stateside, Day 4 still had plenty of activity. We cover more sessions on how marketers and creatives can make the most of new advances in technology and shout out some notable Cannes Lions winners.

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Todays Standout Session:

Expert Views: “Digital transformation, why are we still talking about this?”

Carla Buzasi, Managing Director at WGSN, Grainne Wafer, Global Brand Director at Baileys and Diageo, and Andrew O’Dell, CEO of Pereira O’Dell led this session on digital’s integration into the consumer day-to-day. They discussed how technology has evolved the way brands and companies advertise both online and offline. Now an essential part of the creative process, technology has cemented itself as an integral tool for optimizing the consumer experience (with some pretty exciting opportunities). 

The offline experience and the online experience are starting to merge…the future for us as marketeers is thinking about how you create that seamless end-to-end experience from real life into your screen.” —Grainne Wafer

So, what can technology do for the consumer experience? Marketers and creatives have been using artificial intelligence, 3D creation, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other advanced forms of technology to create interactive ads that bring brands to life at incredible scale. For example, Buzasi noted how L’Oreal uses AI technology to bring the traditional in-store experience of matching makeup products to consumer’s skin tones into the digital world. By merging the real world experience with technology, consumers were able to test out the product’s color digitally before purchasing. By using similar strategies, brands can recreate the physical experience digitally, optimizing the consumer experience regardless of where audiences encounter the brand.

More Session Highlights

Kurio: “Unleash AI for Creativity—a Totally New Campaign Planning Method”

Jari Lähdevuori, Tommi Opas, and Elli Tuominen from Kurio hosted this amazing workshop on maximizing artificial intelligence for campaign planning. They demonstrated how any marketer can use AI to develop engaging and tailored content for any and all audience segments.

YouTube: “Quantum Video: a Super Close Look at a Billion Hours a Day”

Our partners YouTube and Google led an excellent session on current cultural trends and transformations. While the latest technology has raised the bar for creative output, it has also created exciting, never-before-seen opportunities for imagination, as well as re-imagined mediums for creativity and storytelling. With new technology, comes new avenues for exploration. An exciting time to be a creative!

Award Winners

Congratulations to the following brands for winning Gold “Social & Influencer Lions” Awards:

Thats all for day 4! Don’t forget to look out for other news on our FACEBOOKINSTAGRAMTWITTER, and LINKEDIN pages.
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