Today’s world is all about connection.

From how we stay connected with our loved ones to how brands connect with their most valuable audiences, that goal of connection is not only a constant in our everyday lives
but also quite literally at all of our fingertips (thank you, Apple). 

So what’s at the heart of all this connectivity? Stories

It’s why platforms like Snapchat can compete with giants like Facebook
and why visuals are quickly overtaking print.

We’re all looking for new, authentic, and meaningful ways to best tell our stories and form meaningful connections.

And while video is undoubtedly the most powerful currency of this human connection, it has historically been rather costly and tedious to create. But with innovations in today’s tech—from the ever-powerful video capabilities of the latest iPhone to the unprecedented fame of YouTube superstars—it’s now become easier than ever to capture, share, and celebrate our stories.

Which got us asking:

Why isn’t it just as easy to edit and polish these videos as it is to capture them?


So we built VidMob—to break the bottlenecks in post-production, to simplify the video creation workflow, and to celebrate and support the worldwide community of video creatives.